YSI Storm Central

WaterLOG® Storm Central is a cloud hosted solution that allows you to view and download data from any computer or mobile device with an Internet connection. Data from the data logger is pushed to Storm Central on regularly scheduled intervals. Analyzing near real-time data is made simple in graphical, as well as tabular format. This platform provides an easy-to-use, simple approach for remote hydrological and meteorological data collection.

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Key Features

  • Automated data push from data logger to Storm Central
  • Telemetry includes cellular modems, GOES communication, and other options
  • Provides cloud based data collection through Storm Central
  • Ability to post data from Campbell Scientific data loggers
  • Custom report delivery from Storm Central to remote server
  • Data is secure and backed up off site

Alarm Notifications

Generate simple-to-complex alarm conditions based on the data collected, and the parameters you provide. Icons on your map can change colors and notifications via e-mail and/or SMS (text message) can be sent, alerting you of an alarm condition.

Graphical and Tabular Data Display

Once data has been pushed from the data logger and stored in Storm Central, it is immediately visible within the simple and intuitive Storm Central interface. Data is presented graphically as well as tabularly on the same page.

Telemetry Options

Cell: Data is pushed from the data logger to Storm Central via cell modem. This reduces the power requirement at the remote stations.

GOES: Storm Central can also retrieve and display data from GOES sites using WaterLOG GOES data formats. Decoding of both Psuedo-Binary and ASCII (SHEF) formats is fully supported. Setting up a GOES site is a simple process.

Use with Storm 3 Data Logger.
One year license.