YSI EMM2.0 - Coastal Buoy

The YSI EMM2.0 Coastal buoy is a highly versatile buoy platform, with a proven track record of long term deployments across the globe .This highly stable platform can be easily customised for deployment with any of Xylem’s market leading sensors, as well as a range of 3rd party Hydrocarbon sensors, wet-chemistry nutrient analysers and much more. With integrated satellite, line-of-sight radio or cellular telemetry options, the EMM2.0 is the perfect platform on which to build your monitoring solution.
The EMM2.0 is now available with the Aanderaa MOTUS Directional wave sensor – offering high accuracy wave direction measurements with real time data visualisation

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  • YSI manufactures buoy, instruments, and loggers for a complete, integrated solution
  • Customizable with third-party sensors
  • Uniform color doesn't require regular maintenance
  • Through-hull penetration for monitoring equipment makes routine servicing simple, fast, and secure
  • Standard configurations available with short lead time
  • Virtually indestructible buoy hull survives impact, ice, punctures, and
  • 4300 lbs of buoyancy
  • Perfect for monitoring in bays, estuaries, coastal and ocean areas
  • Non-sinkable foam hull
  • Corrosion-resistant metal
Diameter 2 meters
Materials Softlite Ionomer foam hull, aluminum, and galvanized steel
Net buoyancy 2800 lbs