YSI 6-Series 6130 Rhodamine sensor

YSI 6-Series Rhodamine sensor. Accurate, in situ measurement of Rhodamine in a robust, self-cleaning sensor.

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• In situ monitoring

• Self-cleaning sensor for long-term deployment

• Field-replaceable

• Temperature compensation for better accuracy

• Rejects turbidity and chlorophyll interferences

This sensor must be installed into a 6-Series sonde to function. Does not function on its own.

Certifications:   and RoHS, IP-67, FCC, U.S. EPA ETV, WEEE, Assembled in the USA, CE
Depth / Pressure Rating / Limit:   Deep depth Option: 200 ft, 60 m
Equipment used with:   6820V2, 6920, 6600V2, 6820, 6600EDS, 6920V2, 6600, 600OMS
Monitoring:   Yes
Parameters:   Measured Rhodamine
Precision:   0-200 µg/L
Sampling:   Yes
User Calibratable:   Yes
User Replaceable:   Yes
Warranty:   2 years