WTW P700 Orthophosphate Analyser

The optimum solution to support phosphate elimination as well as monitor phosphate freight - on-site analyzer for orthophosphate measurement in the IQ Sensor Net

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The P 700 IQ orthophosphate analyzer is another component for the IQ Sensor Net (System 2020 XT). It can be integrated into new and existing systems just as easily as a sensor. The measuring principle is based on the photometric yellow method (molybdate vanadate), which has been a proven measuring method for orthophosphate. The wet chemical measurement directly during operation in makes it the optimal solution to support phosphate elimination as well as for monitoring the phosphate freight.

  • Basin edge mounting
  • Low reagent consumption
  • Large measuring range
  • Automatic calibration with standard solutions
  • Direct connection to the IQ Sensor Net

The highlights:

Basin edge mounting The P 700 IQ can be operating outside directly on the edge of the process basin (onsite). Short transport distances and and timely measured values are therefore guaranteed. The meter is protected well against any weather thanks to its optional climate package.Low reagent consumption The P 700 IQ boasts an extremely low use of reagents - an advantage that significantly reduces operating costs.Large measuring range Based on its large measuring range, the P 700 IQ can be used universally. Switching between measuring ranges is now possible at any time without any added costs.Automatic calibration with standard The optional switchable and fully automated calibration function with freely selectable intervals ensures an exceptional degree of operational safety.