WTW Alyza IQ PO4 Analyzer for Orthophosphate

Maximise data and minimise maintenance and reagent consumption with the Alyza IQ.  With reagent consumption of less than 1ml per day, WTW’s Alyza IQ will help you minimise your costs whilst protecting the environment.  Part of the IQ SENSORNET family.

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High accuracy even at low concentrations

Continuing regulator focus on driving down phosphate levels in final effluent discharges has challenged the market to provide high accuracy at low-level, while reducing the cost of ownership. The latest addition to the IQ SensorNet family, the Alyza IQ wet chemistry analyser uses revolutionary technology to help you deliver the results needed, while drastically reducing downtime for maintenance, regent usage and waste production.

Alyza IQ’s revolutionary tech means high accuracy at low range with low reagent consumption and low maintenance.

Are your reagent costs giving you nightmares? Not anymore! The reagent consumption of the new WTW Alyza IQ is less than 1ml per day. Minimise your costs whilst protecting the environment.

The Wet Chemistry revolution is now

With WTW designed disruptive technology at the heart of the new Alyza IQ range, extremely accurate and reliable measurement results have been realized with extremely low reagent use, maintenance and downtime.  


The revolutionary Multiport Valve in the Alyza IQ range enables true 'Plug and Play' operation at any level of experience. The unique technology developed minimizes both the number of spare parts and the downtime needed to replace.  Easy and safe reagent replacement with no-drip reagent pouches. Fully integrated with IQ SENSOR NET - Take advantage of the complete flexibility of the IQ Sensor Net with Alyza IQ.

The Alyza IQ overview:

  • High accuracy even at low concentrations
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Extremely low reagent consumption
  • An IQ Sensor Net sensor
  • Outdoor ready with low cost installation
  • 1- and 2-channel versions available
  • Safe exchange of chemicals
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Comprehensive self-diagnostics


  • 24/7 reliable and accurate measurement
  • Low operational costs
  • Extremely low maintenance
  • Easy to use

Orthophosphate measurement with Alyza IQ PO4

Molybdate-Vanadate method (Yellow method)

Precipitation control

  • Automatic cleaning reduces maintenance effort and increases operational safety
  • Reduction of precipitant costs without overdosing by reliable and fast measurement
  • One instrument for up to two sample streams

Wastewater treatment plant effluent monitoring

  • Precise results via automatic 1- and 2-point calibration
  • Easier everyday life due to self diagnostics with display of reagent lifetime
  • Low measuring range
Model Alyza IQ PO4
Measuring method Molybdate Vanadate method (Yellow method)
Measuring range Instruments equipped with 1 measuring range each
MR1 0.02 … 15.00 mg/l PO4-P
Displayed 0.00 … 15.00 mg/l PO4-P
Resolution 0.01 mg/l PO4-P
Accuracy ±2 %, ±0.02 mg/l
MR2 0.2 … 50.0 mg/l PO4-P
Displayed 0.0 … 50.0 mg/l PO4-P
Resolution 0.05 mg/l PO4-P
Accuracy ±2 %, ±0.2 mg/l
Sample streams/channels 1- and 2-channel versions available
Cleaning Automatic cleaning with cleaning solutions
Calibration Automatic 1- and 2-point calibrations
Operational temperature -20 ... +40 °C