Wastewater Instruments

By providing advanced instrumentation for multiple sensor networks, parameters can be measured throughout an entire process such as a wastewater treatment plant with one system. Xylem provides solutions for online monitoring of a wide range of parameters in water, wastewater, environmental, food and beverage and process applications. We provide a wide array of products and systems for online monitoring in the analytics market including digital and scalable sensor monitoring systems to network multiple sensors for any size of application.

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  • Portable Meters
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  • Auto Samplers

WTW IQ SensorNet 181

  • Low-cost alternative to analog measuring points
  • Matching digital IQ fixed cable sensors for pH/ORP, conductivity, O2 and turbidity
  • Stable, robust and proven measuring technology

MCERTS certified


WTW IQ SensorNet 182

    Our latest instrument, the WTW 282 has superseded this product.  Click here for the latest information


    WTW IQ SensorNet 282

    Controller for small and mid-sized wastewater treatment plants including USB-interface and internal data logger – up to 4 sensors, all parameters, available anytime.

    • All parameters available (O2, NH4, NO3, COD, PO4, sludge level)
    • USB-interface and internal data logger by default
    • Convenient and available anytime via Ethernet-interface

    2020 3G family

    WTW IQ SensorNet 2020 3G Controller

    With an easily scalable solution, the 2020 3G allows for the connection of up to 20 sensors. This modular plug-and-play system allows you to monitor the water quality in your wastewater system continuously and accurately.

    WTW CarboVis Spectral Sensors

    WTW CarboVis Spectral Sensors

    The chemical-free spectral measurement allows a precise determination of the COD and nitrate level.
    Whether influent, biological tank or effluent, the self-cleaning sensors CarboVis provides:

    • High measurement reliability
    • Low operating costs
    • Simple handling
    • Maximum durability


    WTW FDO Online Dissolved Oxygen Sensor

    Optical and electro-chemical sensors for the measurement of dissolved oxygen with analog monitors or the modular and flexible IQ Sensor Net

    UV 700 IQ SAC

    WTW UV 700 IQ SAC

    The SAC sensor measures Spectral Absorption Coefficient (SAC) and UV transmission (UVT) at 254nm for determination of organic loads in water. With the  sensor UV 700 IQ SAC this parameter can be detected directly without any chemicals. A reference measurement is performed for compensation of turbidity influences.

    WTW VisoTurb®

    WTW VisoTurb® 700 IQ & ViSolid® 700 IQ Sensors

    With the VisoTurb® 700 IQ and ViSolid® 700 IQ sensors, WTW presents a family of optical sensors for turbidity and suspended solids measurement. These sensors incorporate a ultrasound cleaning system that guarantees low maintenance and long-term reliability of the sensors. Turbidity measurements in aqueous media with VisoTurb® are carried out nephelometrically in compliance with EN ISO 7027. Solid matter measurement with ViSolid® is performed according to the principle of scattered light measurement.

    SensoLyt® pH/ORP sensors

    WTW SensoLyt® pH / ORP Sensors

    For continuous pH/ORP measurement, especially under the difficult conditions very often found in sewage treatment facilities, very high demands are made concerning the reliability and operating safety of the systems employed.


    WTW P700 Orthophosphate Analyser

    The optimum solution to support phosphate elimination as well as monitor phosphate freight - on-site analyzer for orthophosphate measurement in the IQ Sensor Net

    WTW Varion sensor

    WTW VARiON Plus 700 IQ

    The VARiON probe is used within the IQ SensorNet system and can therefore be networked with other probes and parameters for a complete process monitoring and control system. It can measure, report and control off of the ammonium and/or nitrate measurements with automatic compensation for potassium (for ammonium) or chloride (for nitrate).


    WTW 700 IQ IFL Sensor

    The IFL is an ultrasonic, interface level measurement sensor for the IQ SensorNet system. During the wastewater treatment process, the measurement of the interface level between liquids is of vital importance for optimal performance and trouble-free operation. The 700 IQ IFL provides continuous data to help operational efficiency improvement decisions. Simply connect it to the IQ SensorNet system.

    tetra con

    IQ SensorNet TetraCon® Sensors

    Submersible Conductivity probe for IQ System, requires cable assembly.


    Global Water - SLDG Sludge Judge®

    The SLDG Sludge Judge® sampler is designed to take accurate readings of settled solids that are 5% or less in
    a variety of liquids at any depth.

    WTW MultiLine® IDS

    WTW MultiLine® IDS

    The new multi-parameter systems with intelligent, digital sensors for pH, dissolved oxygen (DO) and conductivity measurement revolutionize multi-parameter measurement:
    The signal processing is completely located in the sensor, and the measuring signal is transmitted to the meter without interference and in a clearly identifiable manner via thin, highstrength cables. A wide range of sensors are available for virtually every application.


    WTW Portable colorimeter pHotoFlex® STD

    The portable pHotoFlex® STD with energy-efficient LED optics is equipped with 6 wavelengths and a foldable adapter for various applications with 16 mm and 28 mm cuvettes, for even the smallest concentrations.


    Royce Portable Suspended Solids Unit

    • Two complete analysers in one package (TSS & Interface Level)
    • Automatic ranging
    • Simple, insitu calibration
    • Electronic self-diagnostics
    • Waterproof, rugged housing


    P200 UV254 Portable Meter

    Portable UVT254 meter for QC and calibration of online UVT instruments

    Alt: WTW photoLab® 7600 UV-VIS

    WTW photoLab® 7000 Series Spectrophotometer

    The photoLab® 7000 series of spectrophotometers combine latest optical technology with digital processing to provide users with an efficient and effective means of gathering spectrophotometric data in chemical, pharmaceutical, food, beverage and especially environmental applications.   Special software features include up to 200 industry standard scales/methods and the unique OptRF feature for determining nitrate and nitrate without the need for reagents. Additionally, photoLab Data software expands its capability by displaying results in industry standard color scales including CIE, EBC, ASTM, ICUMSA and so on.


    WTW BOD self check measurement OxiTop®

    OxiTop® systems for BOD or other depletion / respiration applications

    • Complete packages ready to use
    • Simple, flexible, secure, compliant, customisable and scalable
    • Mercury-free pressure measurement

    WTW 9310

    WTW inoLab® IDS - Benchtop

    Connect digital IDS sensors to the Inolab for the measurement of pH, ORP, conductivity, and DO/BOD.

    • Uncompromised measuring accuracy
    • Digital sensor recognition
    • Smart sensor evaluation

    YSI MultiLab IDS Kit

    YSI MultiLab ProODO Kit

    YSI MultiLab ProODO instrument provides easy to use and calibrate menu-driven operation ideal for the laboratory, with special BOD features.

    WTW Inolab pH/Ion 7320

    WTW InoLab® pH/Ion 7320

    Precise pH/ISE benchtop meter with enhanced ISE methods for concentration measurement with ion selective electrodes

    • Simultaneous measurements of pH, ion concentration or ORP
    • Flexible and convenient data transfer
    • Visualization of the optimum measuring range supports correct measurements (CMC function)

    YSI ProOBOD Optical BOD Probe

    YSI ProOBOD Optical BOD Probe

    The ProOBOD® self-stirring optical BOD probes are designed to fit into standard 300 mL BOD bottles with an international version also available for use with other tapers.

    910 COD Colorimeter

    YSI 910 COD Colorimeter

    The YSI 910 COD colorimeter is ideal for any application. This portable instrument allows you to easily take readings for COD.


    P200 UV254 Portable Meter

    Portable UVT254 meter for QC and calibration of online UVT instruments


    Global Water - SLDG Sludge Judge®

    The SLDG Sludge Judge® sampler is designed to take accurate readings of settled solids that are 5% or less in
    a variety of liquids at any depth.