UAL Nameplate Floodlight

The UAL nameplate floodlight is designed to optimally illuminate the nameplates for offshore wind installations. Thanks to its efficient design a single floodlight can meet illumination requirements for a 1,5 x 1,5 meter area with a power requirement of only 6W. For larger nameplates multiple UAL floodlights can be used. The floodlight can easily be integrated in Tideland’s Offshore Wind navigational aids systems which in turn offer seamless Scada integration. Its plug-and-play functionality saves time and money on installation and maintenance, while its smart electronics monitor vital characteristics and provide valuable feedback about its performance.

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  • Full monitoring and control through bus network
  • Offers warnings when parameters move out of pre-defined bands, allowing for preventive maintenance
  • Wide voltage range (10-29 Vdc) and low power consumption (6W)
  • Long and successful track record in offshore wind