Tideland Signal  

Tideland Signal delivers world leading aids to navigation solutions, products, services and customer care, with innovation, safety and compliance at the core of our mission. Tideland continues to expand within the marine industry by providing long term service and maintenance solutions.


Tideland Signal continually utilise new technologies to enhance the performance of traditional AtoN products, while bridging the link in conceiving, developing and manufacturing digital aids to navigation.

Long history of "Quality First"

More than six decades of innovation and proven reliability, with the support of a global network of offices and partners, gives Tideland Signal a deep feeling of pride and helps to maintain their number one position in customer satisfaction. Tideland’s philosophy of ‘Quality First’ demands a close working relationship with local, regional and global partners. Tideland Signal support and contribute to the AtoN industry by working jointly with national and international regulators on the development and implementation of our concepts.

Leadership in lantern innovation

Leadership in lantern innovation begins in a state of the art optics lab. Originally built in 1978, the light tunnel has gone through a process of continuous improvement to both maintain its compliance to IALA’s recommendations and to keep up with changing technologies. Current development focuses on a range of LED products. Along with a full range of lanterns, Tideland’s products include: rotationally moulded polyethylene buoys, fog signals, fog detectors, solar power systems, racons, remote monitoring systems and vessel traffic monitoring and information solutions.

Tideland continues to expand within the marine industry by providing long term service and maintenance solutions to clients.

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Tideland Signal SB138P

Tideland SB-138P Sentinel Buoy

The SB-138P Sentinel® buoy is a product of Tideland Signal's continued commitment in developing new higher performance, low maintenance, cost effective marine aids to navigation. Deployed in over 40 countries, the SB- 138P buoy utilises the benefits of the latest in materials, manufacturing processes and technology. Providing a rugged, lightweight buoy with exceptional station-keeping and long life, while reducing the long term maintenance expense typically associated with floating aids to navigation.

Tideland Signal SB2.2 and 3.0

Tideland SB-2.2 & 3.0 Sentinel Buoys

The SB-2.2 and SB-3.0 are some of the latest additions to Tideland's range of buoy products. With more than 60 years of experience, Tideland is able to offer varying solutions for special customer requirements.


Tideland SB-2.6 Sentinel Buoy

Rugged buoy with exceptional performance

The SB-2.6 is the latest addition to Tideland’s range of buoy products. The design is rugged with exceptional performance and is designed for minimal maintenance and long life. This unique design utilises the latest materials in float construction.


Tideland Meteorological Monitoring with AIS

Tideland Signal (Tideland) supplies two options of meteorological monitoring designed to work in conjunction with the V-20 Informer™. Important meteorological information can be reliably sent over standard AIS message 8 to coastal authorities and vessels at low cost and in any weather conditions.