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EMM25 - Sonde Spar

YSI EMM25 - Sonde Spar

Looking for a cost effective way to deploy a water quality sonde? The YSI EMM25, Sonde Spar is designed to be a low cost option for short and long-term monitoring. It's simple to use design allows for rapid deployment for event monitoring and emergency response. The lightweight design allows for the system to be deployed by a single person; it can be deployed from a small boat or from shore. The integral deployment tube will accept any YSI EXO or 6-Series sonde or 3rd party device.

Available options for the EMM25 Sonde Spar include an amber, self-contained flashing beacon for deployments in navigable waters. Bluetooth connectivity for remote data access from a compatible Bluetooth enabled device.

EMM68 - Harbor Buoy

YSI EMM68 - Harbour Buoy

The Harbour buoy provides a quickly deployable water quality monitoring platform with remote telemetry. The system can be lifted by two people. And it is completely serviceable from a small boat.

Remote data delivery keeps you informed of changing conditions as they occur, such as storms, discharges, CSOs, TMDLs, dredging, and construction. Collect data in waters as shallow as 1.8 meters.


YSI EM1250 Buoy

Flexible buoy platform to support a wide array of water quality instrumentation and other systems. Ideal for lakes, rivers, reservoirs, and near coastal applications. The YSI 1250 Buoy is easy to handle and can be deployed from most small vessels.


YSI EMM700 - Bay Buoy

With more free-board and greater load capacity, this buoy supports a wide array of water quality instrumentation and other systems. Heavy-duty, lightweight foam hull withstands collisions and harsh conditions in lakes, ponds, rivers, reservoirs, and near coastal applications. The YSI Bay Buoy is easy to handle and can be deployed from most small vessels.


YSI EMM2.0 - Coastal Buoy

The YSI EMM2.0 is one of the most versatile and reliable buoy solutions on the market. These buoys have been deployed with wet-chemistry nutrient and metal analyzers, current meters, water quality monitors, GPS, atmospheric sensors, wave sensors, hydrocarbon sensors, and more. The stable platform can be easily customized to maximize instrumentation on a single monitoring platform. Adding satellite, radio, or cellular telemetry provides data to a custom visual display, making it easy for researchers and operators alike to receive critical data on a daily basis.

Tideland Signal SB138P

Tideland SB-138P Sentinel Buoy

The SB-138P Sentinel® buoy is a product of Tideland Signal's continued commitment in developing new higher performance, low maintenance, cost effective marine aids to navigation. Deployed in over 40 countries, the SB- 138P buoy utilises the benefits of the latest in materials, manufacturing processes and technology. Providing a rugged, lightweight buoy with exceptional station-keeping and long life, while reducing the long term maintenance expense typically associated with floating aids to navigation.

Tideland Signal SB2.2 and 3.0

Tideland SB-2.2 & 3.0 Sentinel Buoys

The SB-2.2 and SB-3.0 are some of the latest additions to Tideland's range of buoy products. With more than 60 years of experience, Tideland is able to offer varying solutions for special customer requirements.


Tideland SB-2.6 Sentinel Buoy

Rugged buoy with exceptional performance

The SB-2.6 is the latest addition to Tideland’s range of buoy products. The design is rugged with exceptional performance and is designed for minimal maintenance and long life. This unique design utilises the latest materials in float construction.


YSI i3XO EcoMapper AUV

YSI partnered with Ocean Server Technology to combine the Iver3 Autonomous Underwater Vehicle and the YSI EXO water quality system to create the i3XO AUV. The i3XO is the combination of the latest in water quality and AUV's combined into one robust monitoring platform.


rQPOD Modular Remote Survey Boat

Xylem Analytics brings together a number of leading technological brands including SonTek, HYPACK and YSI to provide the world's most innovative hydrographic and bathymetric survey systems.

The rQPOD is a modular system that when attached to a standard size Torrent Board housing both SonTek M9 and S5 RiverSurveyor ADCP systems, transforms into a motorised platform facilitating remote shore operation for easy collection of ADCP data.