SonTek FlowTracker 2 LAB

The FlowTracker2 Lab ADV utilizes SonTek’s continuing innovation in ADV platforms to offer a laboratory version of the world’s best-selling ADV, the FlowTracker2. For the first time, the ADV’s acoustic probe and processing electronics are housed in one small, lightweight, easily- maneuverable unit, and the acoustic head has an optional, integrated pressure (depth) sensor.

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Depth data is even correctable for dynamic pressure (Bernoulli) and altitude effects using SonTek’s patent-pending method. Setup of the probe and PC software is simple and mistake-proof. Just connect the cables between the probe and your laboratory PC or laptop, check a few settings, and press the “Start Logging” button. Data is output directly to a *.CSV file that is immediately ready for use in the project, model, or database as required.


  • Civil engineering, environmental, and hydraulic projects • Aquaculture and aquarium operations
  • Surface and bottom boundary studies
  • Tanks, flumes, and physical models
  • Very shallow water environments
  • Turbulence
  • Settling rates
  • Fish screens

FlowTracker2 Lab Adv Accessories And Specifications

Velocity Range ±0.001 to 4.0 m/s (0.003 to 13 ft/s)
Velocity Resolution 0.0001m/s (0.0003 ft/s)
Velocity Accuracy ±1% of measured velocity, ±0.25 cm/s
Acoustic Frequency 10.0 MHz
Sampling Volume Location 10 cm from centre transducer
Sampling Volume Size 0.25cc
Minimum Depth 0.02 m (0.79 in)
Depth Measurement Range 0 to 10m (0 to 32.81ft)
Depth Measurement Resolution 0.001m (0.003ft)
Depth Sensor Accuracy
+/- 0.1% of FS (temperature compensated over full operating range)
  +/- 0.05% Static (steady-state at 25°C) 
  Additionally compensated for real-time
  water velocity, temperature, salinity, and altitude.
Temperature Sensor Resolution: 0.01° C, Accuracy: 0.1° C
Tilt Sensor Accuracy: 1.0°
Communication Protocol RS-232
Operating/Storage Temperature -20° to 50° C 
Probe head dimensions (L)13.3 cm (5.22 in); (W) 6.1 cm (2.39 in); (H) 2.3 cm (0.90 in)
Standard cable length 1.5 m (4.92 ft)
Weight in Air 0.90 kg
Weight in water

0.30 kg

Sampling Rate

1, 2, 5, or 10Hz

Optional Extension Cables

1.5, 3.5, or 8.5 m