SonTek FlowTracker 2

The new FlowTracker2 (FT2) handheld Acoustic Doppler Velocimeter (ADV®) has all the technology you have grown to know and trust with the original FlowTracker, but now comes with functional, modernized features (Bluetooth, GPS and large color screen, to name only a few) based on the evaluation and feedback from hydrologists, researchers and scientists who have made the FlowTracker their instrument of choice.

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The real power becomes clear from the moment you start to collect data. Each step of the way FT2 guides you along the measurement process with visual prompts and SmartQC audio alerts just in case something important needs your attention.

FT2 handheld software is intuitive, easy to navigate and includes real-time plots of point data, QC parameters, and measurement verticals, giving you everything you need at-a-glance. Get defensible data correctly, the first time, every time, and minimize data handling back at the office.

With rugged construction for any climate and multiple display options for both day and night, FT2 goes whenever and wherever you need it to go.

At its core, FT2 uses SonTek's tried-and-true ADV technology, vetted for decades by experts across the globe, in hydraulics labs and wide-ranging field environments. Improved and perfected for FT2, the acoustic-based ADV sensor offers unparalleled accuracy, particularly in low flow, and in the shallowest water of any wading device. 2-D data in the horizontal plane (2D/3D option available) allows the most comprehensive QC and understanding about flow conditions. User calibration is never required, and 24/7 tech support from SonTek and our worldwide team is only a call or click away.

Some of the major improvements now featured in FT2 come straight from field users like you. Here is a short list of time-saving, fool-proof features:

FT2 battery compartment is now easy to access in the field: NO TOOLS REQUIRED!

Embedded GPS for georeferencing with automatic or manual fixesImproved ADV acoustics: faster pinging, lower noise and better standard errorBattery life icon on the screen at all times. Pre-load the spare cartridge and replace, even mid-measurement, with no data lossDetachable probe with extension cables to customize cable length up to 10mProbes and handhelds are interchangeable—flexibility within agency teams and when sending equipment for serviceSet up and save templates—no need to re-enter data every time you visit a siteBluetooth or direct USB interface with PCAudio prompts

There is a lot to get excited about when using the new FT2 handheld. Intuitive workflow and rich graphics make for a modernized, interactive experience. Now you can:

Rely on FT2 to automatically conform to proper methods based on depthView beam check or QC plots directly - know immediately if you have signal or beam blockage problemsGet real-time plots of velocity and other parametersEnter comments and gage heights with any stationView a running discharge summarySee an image of top-set wading rodView an on-screen tilt sensorEdit data

SmartQC is a built-in quality control feature that gives you the added assurance your FlowTracker data is correct. With each measurement, data is compared to a variety of adaptive QC criteria to ensure the best measurement possible.

Velocity Range ±0.001 to 4.0 m/s (0.003 to 13 ft/s)
Velocity Resolution 0.0001m/s (0.0003 ft/s)
Velocity Accuracy ±1% of measured velocity, ±0.25 cm/s
Sampling Volume Location 10 cm from center transducer
Communication Protocol RS-232
Power Supply 8 X AA Batteries (Alkaline) (15+ hours of continuous operation)
Weight 0.90 kg (1.98 lbs)
Probe Width 130 mm (5.1 in)
LCD/Keypad Unit Temporarily submersible to 1 m (3 ft)
Operating/Storage Temperature

-20° to 40° C