SI Analytics TitroLine® 5000 Titrator

Manufactured in Germany by Xylem's SI Analytics brand, the TitroLine® 5000 auto-titrator is ideal for routine titrations within the food, beverage and other industrial applications where non-skilled operators are required to fulfill routine tasks.

The TitroLine® 5000 replaces the very successful "TitroLine® Easy," the well-known basic automatic titrator with easy handling and innovative features and a simple Methods system that makes use of pre-loaded procedures making for easy operation.

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The TitroLine® 5000 has a full color display including online titration curves and has new connectivity via USB and RS232 ports.  The array of USB ports facilitates the connection of several USB devices such as a balance to transfer sample weights into the device as well as connection of a USB flash drive so that results in PDF and CSV formats including titration curve, results and all titration parameters may be easily transferred to LIMS or other devices.

Pre-installed standard Methods for the most common acid bases such as Total Acidity, alkalinity, Kjeldahl and potentiometric titrations including chloride and salt support easy setup of the system making the new TitroLine® 5000 is the right choice for customers looking for an easy to use titration system which needs no deeper knowledge of automatic titration.

Very compact new titrator for simple routine titrations. Thanks to the standard methods the creating of methods is no longer required. Just load the method and press the start button. GLP compliant results with titration curve can be documented on a connected printer or USB-memory stick.

The following titration modes are possible:

• titrations to pH, mV - endpoint (2 EP)

• titrations to one equivalence point (pH und mV) with dynamic or linear titration addition

• manual titrations with the controller

• dosing tasks

• number of methods: 3

Typical applications for the TitroLine® 5000 are:

• salt content in foodstuffs (cheese, soy sauce, ketchup)

• total acidity in wine and beverages

• nitrogen according to Kjeldahl

• chloride in drinking water and other samples

• alkalinity (p + m-value)


Measuring input electrode pH/mV-input with DIN or BNC socket

Temperature: for resistance probes Pt 1000 (socket: 2 x 4 mm)

Interfaces: 1 x USB-A and 1 x USB-B)

2 x RS-232-C

Stirrer connection: TM 50

Stirrer connection: TM 50 power supply directly through piston burette

Keyboard: The unit is operated using the keys on the device itself, the controller TZ 3880 and optional PC-keyboard (USB)

Display: graphics-capable TFT display.

Volume display: 00.00...999.9 ml

Display resolution: 0.002-0.01 ml (depending on dosing unit)

Dosing speed: max. 100 ml/min (with 50 ml unit)

Filling speed min 30 s to 999 s adjustable (time according to the cylinder volume)

Dosing units: 20 ml or 50 ml dosing unit, interchangeable

Burette resolution: 8000

Dosing accuracy: systematic error 0.15 %, random error 0.07 % in compliance with EN ISO 8655-6

Power supply: 100 -240 V; 50/60 Hz

Conformity: ISO 8655, part 6

CE-mark: EMC: 2004/108/EG; safety EG- Directive 2006/95