SI Analytics Portable Meters for IDS Electrodes

The new generation of HandyLab meters with IDS
While the analog HandyLabs offer a single traditional analog channel, our IDS series Handylab 600 and 680 devices take full advantage of our new digital technologies.

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The digital HandyLab 600 concentrates on the pH measurement as a one-channel device, whereas the HandyLab 680 allows you to measure any two parameters simultaneously; pH, ORP, conductivity or oxygen. IDS stands for "intelligent, digital sensors" and means that the analog measuring signal is converted into a digital measuring value in the sensor. This protects the signal from external interferences, such as moisture, electro-magnetic fields or pulses. The higher measuring accuracy raises confidence in your readings to a whole new level. IDS sensors send their type designation and serial number, i.e. they identify themselves to the meter automatically. This information is always part of the documentation. Calibration values are stored in the IDS sensor and transferred to the measuring device avoiding unnecessary recalibration as would be needed for traditional analog devices.

What is the meaning of 'MKII'?
'MKII' (Mark Two) means second generation and refers to being the second generation of the successful HandyLab series.

HandyLab MKII Selection Table

Function HandyLab 100   HandyLab 200   HandyLab 600   HandyLab 680
Analog X X
IDS (Intelligent Digital Sensor) X X
One channel X X X
Two channel X
Temperature X X X X
Conductivity X X
CMC-Function X X X
1-to5-point calibration with 22 pre-stored buffer sets X X X
QSC intelligent sensor evaluation X X
User administration X
Autoread X X X X
Data memory X X X X
Interface Mini-USB-B X X
Interface USB-A X
Info Display X X X X
Backlit B/W graphical display X X X
Backlit colored graphical display X
Battery (type AA) X X X
Rechargeable AA from included power supply X X X
Watertight housing and keypad (built of one piece of silicone mat)t X X X X
IP67 certified X X X X