SenTix® pH Electrodes

SenTix® pH electrodes from WTW, a Xylem brand, are simple to use electrodes compatible with most types of laboratory meters and suitable for a wide range of samples.

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For a wide range of applications

pH measurement shows a wide range of applications, from routine measurement in aqueous solutions up to special applications in a variety of media such as strong acid or alkaline solutions, with suspended solids or non-aqueous phases. The sample consistency can vary from liquid to firm, and measurements can be taken in a sheltered laboratory environment or outdoors in harsh conditions. Across all these variables, the range of SenTix® electrodes has the solution.

The SenTix range of electrodes include low-maintenance electrodes, precision electrodes, electrodes with or without temperature sensors, analogue electrodes and digital electrodes including IDS technology.

SenTix® pH electrodes analogue 

WTW SenTix® quality electrodes – measurement convenience and precision in one. 

  • Low-resistance membrane glasses warranty stable measurement signals even at low temperatures
  • Silver ion-free reference electrolyte together with the proven platinum wire junction prevents measurement problems due to precipitating silver compounds
  • Functional slider for opening and safe closing of the refill opening with electrodes with liquid electrolyte
  • Connection possibilities: waterproof DIN plug, BNC plug, fixed cable (1 or 3 m) or plug head (S7)

WTW's pH electrodes with IDS

  • Safe measurements by signal processing in the electrode
  • Easy exchange of electrodes thanks to calibration data stored in the sensor
  • Best GLP support due to automatic documentation of all relevant data
  • Exact sensor rating guaranteed by QSC

Learn more about SenTix electrodes

for more information visit the Xylem Analytics product pages.

Buy Online 

A selection of popular WTW SenTix® quality electrodes are available to buy online at our retail partner Refractometer Shop.

SenTix® 945

Fast and universal, a perfect gel electrode for the laboratory

  • Three junctions for fast and precise responding
  • Gel filling guarantees low maintenance during lifetime
  • Smooth glass shaft allows easy cleaning

SenTix® Micro 900

A slender solution for small measurements

  • Extra-long, thin shaft supports measurement in small vessels or sample volumes
  • Platinum wire junction for fast and stable measurements
  • Built-in temperature provides for accurate readings

SenTix® Sp-T 900

Semi-solid samples are no problem

  • Spear type membrane facilitates measurement in semi-solid samples
  • Hole junction and polymer electrolyte - Insensitive against pollution and easy to clean
  • Built-in temperature provides for accurate readings

SenTix® HW-T 900

Extraordinary samples require outstanding pH electrodes

  • Adjustable split ring junction enables measurement in most difficult samples
  • Large electrolyte reservoir for reduced maintenance
  • Built-in temperature supports accurate readings