SeaGuardII DCP Wave

The SeaGuardII DCP Wave is a 600kHz Doppler Current Profiler able to measure directional wave parameters and currents from a bottom mounted installation. The Acoustic Wave software 5759 used by the DCPS implements unique features to improve the wave measurement accuracy by optimizing the signal to noise ratio. 

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Maximum deployment depth is 40m in normal scatter conditions.
Available as a self recording instrument, it is easily integrable into real-time system offering reliable two way communication.
Redundant wave measurement for QA/QC can be implemented by adding the wave and tide sensor 5218. 


  • Navigation safety
  • Prediction and modelling
  • Energy assessment
  • Infrastructure design
  • Coastal processes, erosion • Oil & Gas 

The optimal solution to measure directional waves, currents and water quality in one instrument

  • Real-time or self-recording with on-board processing of current and wave parameters from a bottom installation
  • Independent measurement of waves and currents with flexible set-up
  • Wide range of parameters available using Aanderaa plug and play smart sensors
  • Easy integration of third party sensors 

Adaptive pulse technology optimizing wave measurement accuracy

  • Innovative technology to ensure accurate low noise wave measurement
  • Covers the complete wave range (0.2m to 20m) without sacrificing accuracy
  • Automatically switches between two broadbands and one narrowband mode depending on wave height
  • Samples waves at 2Hz or 4Hz with a configurable integration interval from 5 to 30 minutes - Field proven and validated data
  • Comparison and validation using three other methods for wave measurement, including surface buoys
  • Possibility to integrate a wave pressure based sensor for redundant measurement and quality assurance
  • Most efficient current and wave profiler on the market offering ease of use and proven data quality
  • Maximum deployment depth of 40m

Acoustic frequency: 600 kHz

Typical profiling range: Broadband: 30-70m  /  Narrowband 35-80m

Cell size: 0.5m-5m

Cell overlap: 0-90%

Velocity range: Narrowband: 0-500cm/s- (1000cm/s with max tilt ± 5°) / Broadband 0-400cm/s

Velocity accuracy: 0.3cm/s or ±1% of reading

Velocity resolution: 0.1c,/s

Velocity precision: <3,3cm

Ping rate: Up to 10Hz (config. dependent) 

Cell positioning: Instrument or surface referred

Multiple columns: 3 simultaneous columns + surface cell

Max. number of cells: 150 total, 75 for first column, 50 for second and 25 for third

Blanking zone: 1m

Wave Measurement

Wave Range Resolution Accuracy
Height 0.2m-20m 1cm ± 5cm or <1% of value
Period 3-30 sec <0.05 sec <1%
Direction 0-360° 0.1° <2°(RMS)

For further detailed specifications please download our SeaGuardII-DCP-Wave specifications sheet.