rQPOD Modular Remote Survey Boat

Xylem Analytics brings together a number of leading technological brands including SonTek, HYPACK and YSI to provide the world's most innovative hydrographic and bathymetric survey systems.

The rQPOD is a modular system that when attached to a standard size Torrent Board housing both SonTek M9 and S5 RiverSurveyor ADCP systems, transforms into a motorised platform facilitating remote shore operation for easy collection of ADCP data.

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  • Module 1: Torrent Board V7
  • Module 2: rQPOD
  • Module 3: RiverSurveyor (incl. RS5)
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The rQPOD Modular Remote Survey Boat is a lightweight, portable solution for conducting and recording water surveys. With 2 removable, field-serviceable thrusters and colour coded parts and cables for easy assembly, the rQPOD is ready to go wherever you need it.

  • Colour coded parts and cables for easy assembly
  • 1.5m/s top speed
  • Easy control with high and low speed settings
  • 2 removable, field serviceable thrusters with FCS fittings
  • Removable skid guards to protect thrusters
  • Removable batteries
  • Lightweight (12kg incl. Torrent Board, M9, PCM & rQPOD)

The Torrent Board v7 has been developed by Xylem in conjunction with a team of SonTek RiverSurveyor M9/S5 users, consisting of hydrologists and surfboard designers. The Torrent Board has been specifically designed for use across the velocity ranges, including high velocity conditions.

Supplied with all fixings and a handy soft rucksack-style carry case, the Torrent Board v7 is lightweight and easy to transport across all terrain.

The Torrent Board v7 is an essential component when using the rQPOD in order to create a remote boat for surveying.

  • Glass Fibre on Basalt laminate foam core
  • EVA Deck material on top
  • HD EVA side reinforcements
  • Stainless steel fixings
  • FCS Fin system
  • Fittings and cable holes ready for rQPOD
  • FCS action camera tting
  • Drag anchor/sock for slow ows Water velocities up to 5m/s (standard) dependant on surface
 Length  1.08m
 Width  0.65m
 Nose rocker  0.25m
 Weight incl. M9  9.8kgs (12.0kgs incl. rQPOD)
 Weight excl. M9  4.7kgs
 Transportation  Soft carry case with shoulder straps and storage  pockets

Modular package that fits onto the Torrent Board V7 to enable it to become a remote boat.

 Top speed  1.5m/s
 Duration  4 to 6 hours
 Temperature range  -10°C to +40°C
 Power  DJI Phantom 3 LiPO batteries
 Transmitter range/model  500m / Futaba T6K
 IP rating  IP67

Top Speed 1.5m/s Duration 4 to 6 hours 1 (1 at speed of 0.7m/s) Temperature range -10°C to +40°C Batteries DJI Phantom 3 LiPO Transmitter range 500m Transmitter make Futaba T6K IP rating IP67

The RS5 is SonTek, a Xylem brand’s latest addition to the award-winning RiverSurveyor® series of discharge instruments. The system fits in the palm of your hand whilst still managing to offer everything you need to make a discharge measurement.

The RS5 includes SonTek’s proprietary SmartPulse+ technology which incorporates broadband and pulse-coherent acoustic processing methods. According to SonTek this algorithm automatically determines the best measurement methodology based on environmental conditions and adjusts instrument settings so users don’t have to, ensuring the most accurate and user-friendly data collection possible.

Batteries and a bluetooth radio are housed within the RS5, which means there is no need to connect to external electronics.

For more information about the RS5 visit the SonTek website, or contact us directly.

The RiverSurveyor S5/M9 is a river discharge measurement system without the traditional limitations. Small, portable and easy to use, the patented and award-winning RiverSurveyor measures in extreme flood or drought situations within a single instrument, and without changing user settings. The results speak for themselves - the RiverSurveyor S5/M9 has revolutionised the way discharge is measured in rivers and canals.