Royce Portable Suspended Solids Unit

  • Two complete analysers in one package (TSS & Interface Level)
  • Automatic ranging
  • Simple, insitu calibration
  • Electronic self-diagnostics
  • Waterproof, rugged housing
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The meter provides reliable operation in waste treatment plants, rivers, lakes and other aqueous systems. The meter will read in either grams per liter when in the suspended solids mode or relative density percentage while in the interface level mode of operation.

The Model 711 stores the calibration values for suspended solids and interface level in two separate nonvolatile memory locations allowing the user to switch between operational modes without having to recalibrate. The net effect is two analyzers in one.

Due to the full utilization of the microprocessor, calibration values are stored so that recalibration is not required on a daily basis. If the sensor is cleaned after use, monthly calibration is usually more than sufficient for proper operation in either mode of calibration.

The Model 711 analyzer utilizes the Model 71 medium range sensor. The Model 71 sensor is a rugged, reliable sensing element that has polymer optical grade lenses. It was designed specifically to meet the rigorous demands that are a requirement for a portable sensor.

711 Analyser                                       
Range .01 - 10 grams per liter (10 to 10,000 mg/l
Readout Device Harsh environment, 1/2" (12.7mm), LCD digital display
Input Power Standard 9V battery
Enclosure Waterproof
Size 178mm L x 81.3mm W x 38mm D
Weight 0.68 kg
71 Sensor
Type Single Gap, Optical
Accuracy +/- 5% of reading or +/- 100 mg/l, w.i.g.
Repeatability +/- 1% of reading or +/- 20 mg/l w.i.g.
Range .01 - 10 g/l
Operating Limits Temperature 0 - 65°C, Pressure, 0 - 50 PSIG
Size 101.6mm x 50.8mm


0.45 kg
Construction Polyurethane body, Optical grade polymer lenses