The Xylem Analytics UK rental fleet is one of the strongest in the industry. From handheld water quality instruments right through to the AUV (autonomous underwater vehicle) designed to create high-resolution maps of water quality and bathymetry. 

We offer solutions from help with groundwater purging to long term unattended datalogging and more!  The Xylem Analytics range of instruments will improve efficiency - we understand that successful monitoring efforts depend on accurate, reliable and traceable data.

Water Quality Applications

We have solutions for unattended monitoring, source water, lake profiling, dredging, underway sampling, algal bloom monitoring and more!

Parameters include: Conductivity, Temperature, Dissolved oxygen, Chlorophyll, Blue-green algae, Turbidity, Depth, pH and ORP.

Water Flow Applications

Moving Vessel Discharge, Wading Discharge, Irrigation Canals, Open Channel Flow, Velocity Indexing, Pipes/Culverts, Streams & Rivers, Storm Water, Marshes, Flood Alert, Water Treatment, Water Supply, Pollution Monitoring, Low Flow, Tidal/Marsh Studies, Mixing, Fish Screen, Flow/Current Field, Bathymetry, Reservoir Mapping, Offshore Platforms, Near-shore Current, Estuaries/Shallow, Ship Berthing, Tide/Elevation, Non-directional Waves, Flumes, Model Verification, Directional Wave Studies and more!