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OI Analytical Aurora 1030W TOC Analyzer

The Aurora 1030W TOC Analyzer processes aqueous samples for analysis of the total organic carbon (TOC), total inorganic carbon (TIC), and non-purgeable organic carbon (NPOC) content of the samples.

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Using heated persulfate oxidation technology, samples containing 2 ppb to 30,000 ppm of organic carbon can be analyzed. The Aurora 1030W supports USEPA-approved methods, Standard Methods, ASTM, DIN/ISO/CEN, USP, and EU Methods. Depending upon the protocol employed, up to 300 samples per 24-hour period can be analyzed, and in excess of 100,000 samples per year.

Wet Oxidation Mode

Operating Principle

Heated sodium persulfate oxidation
Measurement Range 10ppb C - 30,000 ppm C
(multiple calibration ranges or dilution required
Instrument Detection Limit (IDL) 2 ppb C
Sample Injection Volume 10µl 10mL
Method TC Acid and persulfate reaction
Method TIC Acidification with Phosphoric acid and sparging
Method TOC NPOC by heated persulfate oxidation or TC - TIC
Reagents Required Sodium persulfate, 5% phosphoric acid, rinsewater

Gas Supply

N2 (99.998%), zero-grade air, or O2 (99.998%)

General Instrument Specifications

Measurement Technique Non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) detector
Operator Interface Color LCD touchscreen display with Windows CE-based software
Basic Software Single instrument operation with data transfer to PC
Optional ATOC Software Network LAN/LIMS operation, data management, custom reports, 21 CFR 11 compliance
Autosampler 88 postion rotary autosampler designed to fit directly underneath Aurora 1030D analyzer
Certification CE, EMC: EN61326 / Safety:IEC 61010-11 2001
Power Supply Variable voltage, 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz, 950W
Dimensions - Aurora 1030D + 1088 Autosampler 26.75 in.H x 19.5in.W x 23in. D
Weight - Aurora 1030D + 1088 Autosampler 34.5kg (76lbs)