Sugar / Brix

Degrees Brix (symbol °Bx) is the sugar content of an aqueous solution. One degree Brix is 1 gram of sucrose in 100 grams of solution and represents the strength of the solution as percentage by mass. If the solution contains dissolved solids other than pure sucrose, then the °Bx only approximates the dissolved solid content. The °Bx is traditionally used in the wine, sugar, carbonated beverage, fruit juice, and honey industries. (source: Wikipedia)

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OPTi digital handheld refractometer

Bellingham + Stanley OPTi Digital Range Refractometer - Food and Beverage

Bellingham + Stanley designed OPTi digital handheld refractometers are manufactured in the UK as highly reliable premium quality instruments suitable for use in the harshest of environments across a wide application scope. Buy today from our online store.

eclipse refractometer

Bellingham + Stanley Eclipse Professional Grade Optical Handheld Refractometer

Handheld refractometers are low-cost, portable instruments used for ‘on the spot’ determination of Refractive Index (RI) of liquids or the concentration of solutions. Offering a choice of scales, Eclipse refractometers can be used in a multitude of applications across many and varied industries.

Bellingham + Stanley ADP440+ Polarimeter

The ADP440+ is single wavelength, high accuracy polarimeter suitable for use in many applications and is especially suited for use in pharmaceutical laboratories where compliance with Pharmacopoeia¹ is required. New optics featuring a 'no maintenance' yellow LED and interference filter together with a photodiode detector allows reading of samples of up to 3.0 OD. The instrument has both angular and sugar scales (ISS) and can be programmed with user scales as well as industry standard methods for displaying concentration and specific rotation directly.

2900D Biochemistry Analyzer

YSI 2900D Biochemistry Analyzer

The YSI 2900 features an intuitive graphical user interface, a USB port for data retrieval, and the ability to measure samples from a variety of sample holders including 96 well plates and microcentrifuge tubes, making 2900 series analyzers the easiest to use and most cost effective way to measure the following chemistries in a wide range of application areas.


Bellingham + Stanley Pro-Juice Refractometer

For many years, beverage manufacturers have adopted digital refractometers as their primary instrument for measuring the final dilution ratio (°Brix) of re-constituted fruit juice not only to assure product quality but also in an attempt to reduce losses by tightly controlling concentrate yields.  However, due to the nature of the sample, common refractometers show a variation in the reading caused by sample settling.  The Pro-Juice refractometer conditions the sample prior to measurement allowing for extremely precise analysis to be made allowing for higher yields from concetrates that translates directly to increased profits for orange juice packers.

abbe5 refractometer

Bellingham + Stanley Abbe 5 Refractometer

The Abbe 5 is an affordable refractometer ideally suited for use where a wide refractive index measurement range is required such as in small contract laboratories or applications where sample throughput is relatively low. The instrument is also ideal for practical demonstrations and experiments in chemistry and physics laboratories of schools, colleges and universities and is the perfect partner to the new Model D7 optical polarimeter.


Bellingham + Stanley ADS400 Series Saccharimeters

ADS400 Series saccharimeters are ideal standalone instruments measuring the optical rotation of sugar cane or beet durng payment, milling or refining processes or when connected to an RFM refractometer by way of simple PC program as part of a sugar purity system.  The user interface comprises an LED display with tactile push buttons identified with clear iconography that makes for simple operation by skilled and non-skilled users.

Sample is applied using standard polarimeter tubes for the lab with funnel flow through versions  available for rapid sample handling in the Tare House.  Sodium (589nm) and NIR (850nm) single wavelength versions are available, the latter facilitating measurement of dark samples without the need for lead based clarifiers.