Optical Rotation / Purity

When plane-polarised light passes through an optically active or substance or chiral compound, the plane of polarisation will rotate by an amount that is specifically related to the product through which it travelled.

As many chemical compounds display this chiral characteristic, the measurement of optical rotation using a polarimeter is commonplace within the sugar, food, chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturing industries as a production control and quality assurance tool.

Optical rotation is relative to the concentration of the dissolved sample and the length over which the measurement is taken and so it is common to quote chemicals as a specific rotation based on all the affecting factors, including temperature and wavelength.  Concentration and purity may also be calculated by transformation.

  • Digital Polarimeters
ADP 450 B+S

Bellingham + Stanley ADP450 / ADP430 Polarimeters

The ADP400 Series (ADP450 and ADP430) from Bellingham + Stanley are single wavelength polarimeters suitable for sugar, food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. These polarimeters are available with or without XPC - Xylem's patented internal Peltier temperature control system. Both models use standard polarimeter tubes with a maximum length of 200mm. For fast performance in the Peltier controlled version, stainless steel tubes should be used. Low volume samples are also catered for with the addition of stainless steel, luer taper tubes.

Bellingham & Stanley ADP600 Series Polarimeter

Bellingham + Stanley ADP600 Series Polarimeter

Available as single, dual and multiple wavelength derivatives not only covering the visible spectrum, the ADP600 Series of Peltier temperature controlled polarimeters are capable of measuring optical rotation to four decimal places in the highly sensitive ultra-violet region. This capability makes the instrument particularly suited for use by scientists wishing to measure chiral compounds and other optically active substances in the chemical, pharmaceutical and food sectors as well as for use in academic research.