P200 UV254 Portable Meter

Portable UVT254 meter for QC and calibration of online UVT instruments

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The P200 UVT254 portable meters lead the way in portable organics testing. Benefiting from Split-Sense technology, the instruments have a unique memory calibration feature which allows the meters to be used for an extended period of time before DI calibration is required. Operation is straight forward with accurate and repeatable results obtained in seconds. An optional battery pack allows for sampling anywhere, anytime.

Characteristic Technical Data
Model P200
Range 0 - 1.3 UVA  5 - 100 %UVT
Accuracy +/- 0.5 FS
Resolution 0.001 UVA   0.1 %UVT
Units cm -1
Path Length 10mm
Calibration Calibration memory prevents the need to re-zero to DI water
Self-Diagnostic Notification of system failure
Operator Interface Easy to use. No complex configuration required
Display 32 character backlit LCD
Wavelengths 253.7nm
Ligh Source Low-pressure mercury UV lamp / UV LED
Lamp Life 2 years
Dimensions 8.7" (L) x 7.5" (W) x 3.9" (H)
Enclosure Rugged, compact, watertight and dustproof

12VDC 1A wall adapter (accepts 90 - 250VAC 50/60Hz)

Storage Temp -20 to +60 degrees C
Operating Temp 3 to 45 degrees C
Weight 4 Ibs
Waranty 2 years limited warranty
Technology Split-Sense
Options Battery power-pack