OptiLine 6 photometric sensor

for colour based titrations within pharmacopoeia and more

The OptiLine is a highly robust photometric sensor (or electrode) suitable for use with automatic titrators as well as laboratory meters where colour based titrations are required.  USB and analogue connections are provided so that connection to almost any make of titrator is possible.

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The OptiLine 6 is a photometric sensor that can be used like any other sensor when connected to a titrator or laboratory meter thanks to its USB and BNC/DIN analogue connectors. 

The OptiLine 6 is perfect for photometric titrations within the pharmaceutical industry where reliance on colour change is specified in pharmacopoeia monographs; particularly when  used with a TitroLine® 7800 titrator that has the ability to operate in FDA Regulation 21 CFR Part 11 controlled environments.

The OptiLine may also be used with standard TitroLine 7000 standard and 7750 Karl Fischer models in other applications where a lower level of audit-ability is sufficient.

  • 6 wavelengths over a wide range:  470, 520, 570, 590, 605 and 625
  • Adjustable wavelengths via TitroLine 7000 Series or TitriSoft
  • Titanium shaft - 100% resistant against solvents 
  • Very compact
  • Fits standard titrator sensor clamp
  • Easy to clean
  • Simply rinse with solvent and/or water

Typical Applications include:

  • Titrations according to Ph.Eur. and USP, which require the use of an indicator
  • Titration of Chondroitin sulphate-sodium according to Ph.Eur. and USP
  • Determination of the carboxyl end groups in PET (non–aqueous titration)
  • TAN/TBN according to ASTM D974 (non–aqueous titration)
  • Titration of sulfate (indicator Thorin)
  • Determination of Ca/Mg and total hardness as well as all other complexometric titrations

Shaft diameter:   

Shaft diameter:    12mm
Shaft length: 132mm
Minimum immersion depth: 25mm
Shaft material: Titanium
Cable: Fixed
Connections: USB-plug A, BNC-plug with BNC-DIN-adapter
Power supply: via USB
Measuring range: 0 – 2000 mV
Temperature range: 0 – 50 °C
pH range: 0 – 50
Wavelengths (adjustable) 470, 520, 570, 590, 605 and 625 nm