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OI Analytical Pulsed Flame Photometric Detector (PFPD)

OI Analytical's patented* Model 5383 Pulsed Flame Photometric Detector (PFPD) represents the latest advance in flame photometric detector design, optimizing selective detection of sulfur, phosphorus, and 26 other compounds.

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From traditional FPD methods to additional, harder to perform applications, the PFPD can be configured for a wide variety of methods with improved results. The PFPD provides a 10–100x increase in signal-to-noise and a 10x increase in selectivity over traditional FPDs while requiring minimal maintenance and decreased gas requirements.

The 5383 PFPD consists of a 5383 Detector assembly, 5383 Detector Controller, pneumatic components located either in the Detector Controller or in the gas chromatograph (GC), and WinPulse user interface software.

  • Superior sensitivity and increased selectivity for S and P compared to conventional FPDs
  • Linear, equimolar response for quick, easy calibrations
  • Simultaneous mutually selective chromatograms for S/P, S/C, or S/N
  • Inherent self-cleaning design completely eliminates soot formation, or "coking", seen in other sulfur-selective detectors
  • Long-term stability and minimal maintenance
  • Selective detection of 28 specific elements
Sulfur <1 pg S/sec
Phosphorus <100 fg P/sec
Sulfur Signal-to-Noise >300 (at 10 pg S/sec elution rate peak-to-peak noise)
Drift (S or P) <10x peak-to-peak noise in 20 min
Selectivity (at Optimum Detectivity Levels)
Sulfur > 106 S/C
Phosphorus > 105 P/C (selectivity is adjustable
with a trade-off in detectivity)
Detector Linearity
Sulfur Quadratic in response. Linear to approximately three orders of magnitude
Phosphorus First order linear over approximately three orders of magnitude.
Response Uniformity Equimolar ±8% (S, P)
Chromatographic Peak Tailing <0.2 sec in S and P
Gas Requirements
Carrier He or H2 at 80 psig; 99.8% purity or better
Air 60 psig; zero air (CGA grade E)
Hydrogen 60 psig; 99.995% purity or better (electrolytic grade)
Power Requirements 115/230 VAC
Computer Requirements
Operating System Windows® XP Pro, Windows® 7
Comm Ports One serial (RS-232), 16550 UART or
USB to Serial Adaptor
Minimum Temperature 180 ˚C
Maximum Temperature 420 ˚C
Carrier Gas 5 mL/min maximum flow rate Helium; up to 10mL/min using H2 carrier gas
Typical Gas Consumption
H2 10-15 mL/min
Air 20-30 mL/min
Humidity 5-80% relative humidity
Altitude 2,000 m maximum