8 November 2017 |

Trade-in your old biochemistry analyser

and get 15% off 

15% Off when you trade-in.

Great news! We're offering 15% off when you trade in your old YSI analyser.

Trade in ANY YSI biochemistry analyzer, in ANY condition for credit towards the purchase of a new 2900 Series Biochemistry Analyzer or Online Monitoring System.

Not sure which 2900 Series Analyzer is best for you? Let our Replacement Guide help you decide how to evolve.

Why Evolve with YSI?

Product support for most of our discontinued models, including the YSI 2700, will expire in 2017 and 2018. To see when your discontinued model is affected, download our replacement guide.

Contact your YSI sales representative today or email us at info.amt.uk@xyleminc.com for more information.

  YSI Replacement Guide