Top 8 Reasons to Upgrade from the ProODO to ProSolo | Dissolved Oxygen Meters


YSI, a Xylem brand, commercialised the first practical dissolved oxygen sensor using the Clark Polarographic electrode in 1962. Since then, YSI has released many revolutionary platforms for the measurement of dissolved oxygen. In 2008, we released our first handheld optical dissolved oxygen instrument designed for sampling applications – the ProODO. Over the past 10 years, this handheld has dominated the sampling market on its way to becoming one of the most important products in YSI’s history. With the release of the YSI ProSolo, the time has come to retire the ProODO.

Over at you can check out the top 8 reasons to Go Solo, including:

  • More Probe Options
  • Better DO Accuracy
  • Better Sensor Cap Warranty
  • Backup Your Data on the Spot

And take a look at the ProODO and ProSolo Comparison Guide for even more.

The ProSolo is more than just a direct replacement for the ProODO, it is an evolution of DO handheld instruments. If you still aren’t convinced the ProSolo is a worthy replacement of the ProODO, download the ProODO and ProSolo Comparison Guide. If you have any questions about the ProSolo, please contact us.

  Download the ProODO and ProSolo Comparison Guide