4 September 2019 - 13 January 2019 |

Tempting Titration Savings


Savings to be made this right now!

Take advantage of our Titration Sale to save time and money, whilst improving lab productivity and titration accuracy. For a limited time, you can save 10% off ALL titration models* from SI Analytics. Take a look at our time saving automatic titrators, including the Titroline 7000, the Titroline 7800 or the Titroline 7500 Karl Fischer. Can't decide between them? Talk to our dedicated Customer Care team today to speak to our experts.

Which titration technique should you use?

Titration has a broad use in chemical analysis. Whilst a titration can be performed very easily and quickly it can still provide a very accurate result after only a few minutes under optimal conditions. There are a large number of methods for many parameters from low ppm to 100% levels from all industries; water and environmental analysis, education, as well as food and beverage. 

So which titration technique is right for you? Every lab is unique in their titration system requirements. Our team is well-equipped to support you with solutions specific to your applications. Visit our titration page to learn more about our expansive range of options. Still need help? Email our titration experts today.

High performance lab & process electrodes

Pair your new titrator with high quality electrodes from SI Analytics. BlueLine Electrodes are our most popular series of laboratory electrodes. Compact, easy to use, and compatible with Xylem laboratory meters as well as meters from most other manufacturers. BlueLine offers a viable alternative no matter what application style of electrode is required.


*models include: Titroline 5000, Titroline 7000, Titroline 7500 KF, Titroline 7800.