Temperature Calibration Laboratory


Temperature Calibration Laboratory

Xylem Analytics UK are pleased to announce the opening of a new Temperature Calibration Laboratory, based in Kent, UK.

Our new Temperature Calibration Laboratory offers fast, reliable and competitively priced calibration within the UK for our range of ebro data loggers, precision thermometers and food oil monitors. The Temperature Calibration Lab is also compatible with 95% of thermometers and data loggers from outside of the Xylem brands. Speak to us today to check compatibility and arrange calibration.

Monitoring the temperature and humidity of pharmaceuticals and other temperature-critical items in storage and transport is Ebro’s specialty and Xylem are harnessing that expertise in 2019 with the opening of a brand new Temperature Calibration Laboratory. The custom-built facility, housed within the UK' Tunbridge Wells facility, will offer inspection, repair, calibration and certification on a range of thermometers and data loggers - including non-Xylem product.

Who are ebro?

For 50 years Ebro, a Xylem brand, has specialised in designing and manufacturing high quality thermometers and data loggers for use in many different applications within the industrial, medical, pharmaceutical and food & beverage industries – from simple catering instruments to complex wireless systems.

For more about ebro and its products and services visit the ebro brand page.

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Our services include: 

Precision Thermometers for manufacturing and cold chain

  • Simple certification for digital handheld core penetration thermometers
  • Fixed price pre validation test tiered to level of requirement
  • Repairs
  • Certification showing traceability to primary standard

IP Rated Data Loggers for validation of sterilisers and pasteurisers

  • Specialists in EBI 10 EBI 11, EBI 12, EBI 16 (Bowie Dick) temperature data loggers
  • Repairs
  • Certification showing traceability to primary standard
  • For Ebro loggers with or without an integral display
  • For other makes of logger with an integral display

Wireless Data Logger Systems

  • Specialists in ebro EBI 25 calibration and certification
  • Calibration and certification of other manufacturers standalone product with integral display
  • Specialists in EBI 300 USB loggers

To make an appointment to use our new Temperature Calibration Laboratory or to find out whether we support your non-Xylem brand instrument, please contact us today

Temperature Calibration Laboratory 
Longfield Road
Tunbridge Wells
TN2 3EY 
United Kingdom

+44 1892 500400


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