22 November 2017 |

The SailBuoy World Tour


The SailBuoy is embarking on a world tour and may be coming to a port near you! Capable of long term oceanographic measurements, the SailBuoy is a cost effective and easy to deploy tool for collecting data from remote location. A special keel construction has been designed to fit the Aanderaa smart sensor suite and result in low drag even with several sensors mounted. This makes it possible for oceanic crossings while collecting accurate data.

The first stop was the NOC Maritime Authonomy and Technology Showcase in the UK where the Xylem Analytics team joined up with the SailBuoy crew to showcase the vessel.

"The SailBuoy from Offshore Sensing is a great tool for obtaining close to surface data and we have very good experience in utilizing this vessel in challenging environments." says Inger M. Graves, Xylem Analytics Ocean and Coastal Business Developer EMEAI+AP.  "We particularly like its ease of use, which makes users able to handle their own missions with some basic training. This makes the SailBuoy have low running costs vs. other platforms."

During this first part of the tour, it will be featured with the Aanderaa sensor pack including oxygen, pCO2, temperature, conductivity and experimental sensors with upcoming sensor technology.  Anti-fouling will be with UV light with programmable duty cycle for different fouling conditions.