The Importance Of Co2 Concentration Measurement And Room Ventilation


ebro, a Xylem brand, has been talking about the importance of CO2 concentration measurement and room ventilation - a particularly important topic through times of a pandemic.  First published in ‘Aseptica’, ebro’s RM 100 Room Climate Monitor was highlighted as an effective means of monitoring for CO2 content:

“The risk of infection by viruses such as corona or influenza can be reduced through regular ventilation. The CO2 concentration serves as a suitable indicator for the concentration of viruses in the air. Because in contrast to the virus concentration, the CO2 value can be measured very well.

The room climate monitor RM 100 simultaneously measures the CO2 content as well as the air temperature and humidity. The University TU Berlin Germany recommend using a CO2 measuring device in any room in which several people from different households can stay, e.g. doctor's offices, hospitals, classrooms, offices, etc. in order to reduce the risk of infection.”

The RM 100 from ebro features:

  • Large, illuminated display 
  • Measurements of air temperature, humidity and CO 2 value 
  • Alarming when limit is exceeded 
  • Factory calibration certificate

To learn more about the RM 100 Room Climate Monitor visit ebro’s product page, or contact us today.