A Revolution in Nitrate Monitoring


EXO NitraLED from YSI, a Xylem brand, is an exciting new UV Nitrate sensor, designed with state-of-the-art LED technology, for long-term nutrient monitoring. Thanks to YSI’s and joined-up thinking, EXO NitraLED offers seamless integration into any Sonde across the EXO range. The EXO NitraLED sensor simplifies and reduces the cost of unattended nitrate monitoring for point and non-point source pollution in freshwater environments. 

For trouble-free reliable data use optical sensors

Tests have shown that optical sensors are far more suited for in-situ monitoring as they remain stable over long periods of time when compared to Ion Selective Electrodes (ISE). Not only do optical sensors offer improved resolution and accuracy, they are also insusceptible to significant drift over short periods of time, the way ISEs tend to be.

EXO NitraLED’s powerful technology uses two UV LEDs for measuring nitrate and nitrite absorbance whilst compensating for interference from natural organic matter. The compact form-factor of LED technology also brings further advantages for freshwater monitoring in the field, enabling lightweight and efficient operation when compared to bulky and expensive xenon/deuterium lamps of old.

You would be forgiven for thinking that with all of this compact and powerful technology included, the cost may be prohibitive, but not so with EXO NitraLED from YSI. With the size of the sensor reducing, so does the price. Thanks to the UV LEDs instead of a full lamp being used, we are saving on component and production costs. This enables YSI to pass along these savings directly to you. With lower energy use, compact form-factor, and lower price, EXO NitraLED is a fraction of the cost of other UV Nitrate monitors on the market.

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