1 July 2019 - 1 October 2019 |

Free Quartz Plate with every new ADP450 polarimeter


Your New Polarimeter - With Or Without Peltier Control

Bellingham + Stanley has been producing quality polarimeters in the UK for over 100 years, with pioneering techniques advancing the science of polarimetry around the world. The latest instruments, the ADP400 Series, are single wavelength polarimeters with a low maintenance LED light source - available with or without Peltier temperature control. The all new ADP450 polarimeter with patented XPC technology features interchangeable contact Peltier plates facilitating measurement at a stable temperature using Peltier control. 

Calibration and configuration of the instruments can be password protected, accessible by keypad or, for convenience, using a fully configurable RFID tag. Both instruments have been fitted with expanded memory offering space for over 8000 measurements and logs creating a detailed audit trail. Combined, these features facilitate operation in environments conforming to FDA regulation 21 CFR Part 11 or GLP.

How To Claim Your Free Quartz Plate

Want to know more? Speak to our sales team to find your local distributor today and quote “PACK37-50/34-20” to claim a free quartz plate worth over £1,000 ($2,000 in the USA) when you purchase the all new ADP450 polarimeterOne claim per customer. Offer expires 30th November 2019. Terms & Conditions apply. Speak to the Bellingham + Stanley customer care team for more information.

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