NEW Wastewater & Drinking Water Catalogue


This month sees the release of our new Xylem Analytics Wastewater and Drinking Water Catalogue.
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Xylem has a history as a trusted partner of both the municipal and industrial wastewater industry, providing something much more valuable than just monitoring equipment and systems to ensure reliable plant operation and compliance: expertise.

As regulatory compliance is becoming increasingly tightly policed across the globe, providing samples of wastewater at both influent and effluent to a treatment plant is critical in demonstrating compliance. Xylem Analytics can help your business both during internal audits and in routine inspections.

Precious ecosystems

In the interests of protecting the precious resource of water, both as an ecosystem habitat and as a crucial element to life, monitoring of wastewater allows industries to prevent unintentional discharges that could damage ecosystems and the native species living there. After all the reuse of water is something that we all must consider, it being an increasingly sought after resource.

Committed to customers

Xylem is committed to providing our customers with solutions to their most challenging problems through the use of our expertise and innovative technology. 

As part of that commitment Xylem continues to develop and launch new innovative product lines; building upon our proven sensor and analytics technology. We take pride in improving and setting new standards in the markets that we serve. 

Contact us today with your name and address for your free catalogue.