11 December 2017 | Norwegian Coast

MOTUS passes the ultimate test

while Storm Aina strikes 

The Aanderaa MOTUS Directional Wave Buoys measure record high waves during the extreme weather system Aina.

On December 7th Storm Aina hit the West Coast of Norway with heavy winds of over 30m/s producing waves of 11 meters Significant Wave Height. (See fig.1)

Two test buoys equipped with the newly developed Aanderaa MOTUS Directional Wave Sensor have been tested at the Hywind demo site in the North Sea off the coast of Karmøy since February.

The Tideland SB-138P and YSI EMM2.0 buoys were deployed as part of the MOTUS product launch. They provide valuable live data on Hydweb for navigation and research.

The MOTUS Directional Wave Sensor is a compact low power accelerometer based sensor designed to accurately measure multi-spectrum directional waves from standard hydrography and navigation buoys.

Utilizing modern signal processing and communication solution, the MOTUS buoys provide a comprehensive set of sea state data in real time, even the characterization of single extreme waves. (See fig.2)

We are excited that the MOTUS Wave Buoys withstood the extreme weather system and gathered useful data that will help us in our commitment to develop reliable solutions to the research and marine industry. For more information about MOTUS or any of our products, contact us today.