App Note: Establishment of a Hydrographic Monitoring Site in Australia


Xylem Analytics Australia have released a new application note focusing on the establishment of a hydrographic monitoring site in Australia.

Xylem Water Solutions were appointed by Local Government in Bundaberg to establish hydrographic monitoring site in Bundaberg Creek, just upstream of the confluence with the Burnett River. The monitoring objectives at the hydrographic monitoring site consisted of surface water level and flow measurement in real-time available through cloud based hydrological information management system (HIMS). Part of the initial site establishment consisted of performing detailed bathymetric survey
of the Bundaberg Creek from upstream the Quay St Footbridge up to the confluence of the Burnett River for hydraulic analysis of the channel.

Download the application note to find out how Xylem worked with the client in order to offer a complete water solution. You can also contact us today and speak to our customer support team to see how we can help you.

  Download the Application Note