Sugar laboratories, factories and tare houses get new range of low cost saccharimeters


Bellingham + Stanley, a Xylem brand, has announced the ADS400 Series Saccharimeter. The new bench-top instrument is available in either Sodium (589nm) or NIR (850nm) wavelengths and is primarily designed for busy sugar laboratories, factories and tare houses. The ADS400 Series Saccharimeter is a purpose built polarimeter that displays results in the ISS (°Z) scale.

The ADS400 Series Saccharimeters are designed to operate without the need for PC but work best when connected to an RFM300 or RFM700 Series Refractometer. By connecting a digital refractometer to the ADS400 you can create a complete Purity System which will offer automatic, accurate purity readings directly pushed to the ADS400 Series display. Automatic Purity Systems not only speed up your process, but can save you money with accurate and consistent results. 

To find out more about the ADS400 Series Saccharimeters visit our product page here or speak to us today.