MJK MagFlux® Flowmeters

MagFlux® Flowmeters are developed for measurements in all types of conductive liquids, including measurement of flow in drinking water, wastewater, sludge and process water. MagFlux Flowmeters are manufactured with carbon steel and stainless steel for flange or wafer connections and lining in hard or soft rubber and PTFE/PFA.

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MagFlux® flowmeters

MagFlux® Flowmeters are designed with the latest microprocessor technology to ensure accurate measurements.

The Display is unique in its design in which it can be mounted in three different ways: locally on the sensor, remotely on a wall or mounted in a panel door. Furthermore, a single Display can operate up to 4 Flow Converters and Sensors.
MagFlux® Flowmeter has a very userfriendly menu structure with all instructions in clear text - no symbols or codes are used.

MagFlux® Flowmeters, Converters and Displays are supplied with a technically advanced enclosure made of glass reinforced polycarbonate giving maximum protection against harsh industrial environments.

MID Certified sensors from DN 25 to 400

Advantages using MagFlux® Flowmeters

  • 0.25% accuracy
  • Velocity range fro 0.2 - 10 m/s / 0.6 - 30 ft./s
  • DN15 to DN1400 / ½" to 54"
  • Remote display up to 1,000 m from sensor
  • IP67 or IP68 / NEMA 4, NEMA 6P
  • Selectable flow direction
  • Built-in data logger with graph
  • Network capable

Using a basic rule of the electro physics

MagFlux® electromagnetic flow meters are using one of the basic rules of the electro physics for measurement.

MagFlux® measures the velocity of the fluid through the flow sensor. Since the sensor is manufactured as a pipe, it is easy to calculate the flow when the dimension of the pipe is known

Q = (DN/2)2 x π x v , where

Q is the flow rate DN is the pipe inner diameter π is 3.14 V Is the velocity the fluid moves through the pipe

MagFlux® Features

  • Dimensions from 15mm to 1400mm / ½" to 54" as standard - other dimensions on request
  • MagFlux® Flow sensor are in carbon or stainless steel with lining in hard rubber or PTFE/PFA
  • The converter can be delivered with or without display
  • One single Display can operate up to 4 MagFlux® Flowmeters
  • Modbus communication is utilized between the Display and the flow Converter and to other external devices.
  • Built-in datalogger with graphic display
  • Simple and flat menu structure with easy navigation
  • Large dynamic measuring range with an accuracy of up to 0,2% of the measurement range
  • User definable engineering units
  • 4-20 mA output for flow in one or both directions
  • Counters and pulse output with or without reset
  • Detection of empty pipe
  • Two dynamic batch counters with password protection
  • Self diagnosis with indication and logging of errors
  • Automatic electrode cleaning
  • PC or keypad programmable and PC storage of settings and log data
  • MagFlux® Flow sensors withstands submersion down to 10 m / 30 ft. static pressure

MagFlux® Electrode materials


  • 0: Steel 1.4571 / SS 316 TI. Standard
  • 1: Hastelloy C
  • 2: Titanium
  • 3: Platinium
Flange or wafer
Painted carbon or stainless steel
Hard rubber, soft rubber or PTFE
Stainless steel 1.4571 (AISI 316). On order Hastelloy, titanium or platinum Built-in grounding electrode≥DN 50
Better than ± 0,25%
-20 to +150° C / -5 to +302° F, depending of type.
 -20 to +60° C / -5 to +140° F (converter mounted on sensor)
-20 to +80° C /14 to +176° F (converter remote mounted)
IP 67 (with gel potting IP 68) / NEMA 4X (with gel potting NEMA 6P)
± 0,1% of measurement (system accuracy better than ± 0,25 %)
From MagFlux®sensor
Analog output
One active 4 - 20 mA, galvanic isolated (max. 800Ω)
Digital output
One voltage-free, electromechanical relay (max. 50 V DC / 1 A)
One optically isolated (max. 50 V AC / V DC / 120 mA)
Digital input
One digital input. Max. 30 V DC
Modbus®RTU-mode, 9600 baud, 2-wire RS 485, slave-mode
Display 160,000 logs with date, time, value and daily totals
RS 485 for connection to Display Unit or PLC.
Power supply
24 V AC, 50 / 60 Hz ± 10 % or 10 - 30 V DC or
230 / 115 V AC, 50 / 60 Hz ± 10 %
Power consumption
Max. 10 W
Cabinet materials
Polycarbonate, glass reinforced
Enclosure rating
IP 67 / NEMA 4X

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