EM1250 Buoy

Flexible buoy platform to support a wide array of water quality instrumentation and other systems. Ideal for lakes, rivers, reservoirs, and near coastal applications. The EM1250 Buoy is easy to handle and can be deployed from most small vessels.

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The Xylem EM1250 data buoy is a robust, proven data buoy platform specifically designed for surface water rivers, lakes & steams with over 10 years deployment history. Made from rotationally molded plastic with an enclosed steel ballast weight, the EM1250 is a lightweight, easy to deploy platform offering long term deployments with minimal maintenance requirements. With its dedicated instrument tubes and control hatch, the EM1250 is available as standard with a host of Xylem Analytics equipment including water quality, current profile and wave sensors.

Features include:

  • Standard configurations with Xylem Analytics instruments and loggers for complete integrated solutions
  • Customisable with a wide range of third party water and MET sensors
  • Through-hill deployment tubes for instrumentation makes routine servicing simple, fast and secure.
  • Single or Multiple mooring options
  • Available in wide range of colours and top marks
  • IP67 rated service hatch for easy access to buoy electronics
  • Fitted with 2 lifting eyes for easy lifting and deployment

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Diameter 48 in
Materials Softlite Ionomer foam hull, stainless steel framework
Base System Weight 500 lbs
Reserve Buoyancy 400 lbs


  • Colours: Yellow, Red, Green
  • Diameter, 1250mm
  • Overall height (excluding topmark) 1940mm
  • Overall weight: 130Kg
  • Maximum mooring weight: 220Kg
  • Minimum mooring weight: 120Kg
  • Mooring points: up to 4 point mooring available
  • Moonpools: Up to 2 deployment tubes available as standard