Puncture knife

Any pH measurement taken within semi-solid and solid foods such as cheeses, meat, and sausages can be made easier by the Puncture Knife from Xylem Analytics. Available with or without an integrated temperature sensor.

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The determination of the pH value is one of the most important analyses in the quality control of food. WTW offers special puncture electrodes, such as the variants of the BlueLine 21 pH. These are also available with an integrated temperature sensor, which contributes greatly to the measurement safety in the measurement in chilled foods.

Key features

  • Facilitates measurement even in stronger material.
  • Increases the security of the measurement.
  • Extends the life of the electrode. 
  • Reduces the cost per measurement.

The pH measurement in semi-solid and solid foods such as meat, sausage and cheese is optimised by our puncture knife. This is especially designed for electrodes of type BlueLine 21 pH. In addition to extending the lifetime of the electrode, the puncture knife significantly increases safety and ease-of-use during measurement.

  • The blade of the puncture knife is slightly rounded at the tip, so that it can slip off the bone if it accidentally hits one.
  • Low risk of slipping due to ergonomic handle contour.
  • The extraordinary cable lead below the "head", the so-called ball knob, prevents kinking of the electrode cable.
  • The ball knob can also be used for exerting pressure for the punctuation.