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ebro specialises in designing and manufacturing high quality thermometers, food oil quality meters, and data loggers for use in medical, pharmaceutical and food & beverage - including catering and cold chain.


For almost 50 years ebro, a Xylem brand, has specialised in designing and manufacturing high quality thermometers, food oil quality meters, and data loggers for use in many different industries such as medical, pharmaceutical and food & beverage - including catering and cold chain.

Food & Beverage

For the food area ebro offers handheld instruments and data loggers for the entire cold chain: from process monitoring, on transport and storage monitoring to incoming goods inspection. ebro's EN 13485 certified handheld meters support you in complying with the HACCP concept to improve food safety. All food data loggers from ebro comply with EN 12830 and are therefore suitable for use in the food industry to monitor the temperature. Some of the temperature data loggers also measure the relative humidity


Validation and routine checks of sterilizers, washer-disinfectors and autoclaves can easily be monitored with ebro data loggers and the appropriate software – even in real time. The easy-to-use software analyses your processes automatically and provides you with a meaningful result.


A wide range of handheld instruments that are suitable for the connection of various sensors, covers your needs in the field of process control and incoming goods inspection. Highly accurate ebro data loggers monitor the temperature and humidity during transport and storage in order to ensure the consistent high quality of vaccines, drugs and other raw materials in the pharmaceutical industry. All ebro software products for programming and reading out the data loggers meet FDA 21 CFR Part 11 and help you comply with the strict statutory regulations and guidelines.

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ebi 300 temperature logger

Ebro EBI 300 Temperature Data Logger with USB-Connection

The easy to use data loggers with USB connection monitor the temperature and/or humidity during transport and storage of sensitive goods like medicine, food, serums etc. The EBI 300 and EBI 310 USB data loggers are suitable for multi-use, the EBI 330 USB data loggers are single-use versions which can be ordered pre-configured and are used especially when returning a more expensive multi-use data logger to the sender after a shipment is difficult. A range of disposable data loggers is also available from our online shop.  

EBI 25

Ebro EBI 25 Wireless data logger

EBI 25 wireless temperature and humidity data logger system with radio technology for use in  cold stores, warehouses, supermarkets and other environments that need constant monitoring of temperature and/or humidity so that stored goods are protected.  The starter kit comes complete with remote sensors, wall brackets, interface station and software.  Once installed, the system continually monitors the required parameters and transmits the results to the PC (not supplied). Simple to install protection for critical environments.

TLC 700 core thermometer

Ebro TLC 700 Core thermometer

Cost effective core thermometer with folding penetration probe for general temperature measurement during transport, storage and incoming goods inspection and other processes that require fast measurement in a convenient package.  Optional coloured "rings" are available so that segregation of meters between media types within hygienic applications may occur such as for the measuring of different meat types in cold storage.

TLC 730 dual IR/core thermometer

Ebro TLC 730 dual precision thermometer

TLC 730 Dual-Infrared / Fold-Back-Thermometer with foldable penetration probe and infrared sensor ideal for temperature measurements in supermarkets and cold chain distribution. Being dual core and infrared, the TLC 730 is very convenient as it allows both contact and surface measurement from one small unit.

TFI 250 IR thermometer

Ebro TFI 250 infrared thermometer

TFI 250 infrared non contact thermometer with adjustable emissivity.  Ideal for all non contact measurements at close range.  Hygienic for food use in supermarket and cold chain as well as other general temperature measurement.

TFI-650 IR thermometer

Ebro TFI 650 Infrared wide range thermometer

For measuring and control tasks in industry, trade and crafts, climate control systems, fast refrigerated goods checks, incoming goods inspection, storage and laborabory.


Ebro FOM 330 Food Oil Meter

Knowing when to change the cooking oil in deep fat fryers is paramount in terms of taste and toxins!  The FOM 330 is a simple tool for testing the quality of cooking oil so that food tastes fresh and is not impaired by the flavours left behind by previous cooking. FOM 330 Food Oil Monitor Set with simple oil type selection.  Supplied complete in a aluminium carry case, this kit is ideal for use in restaurants and as an inspection tool for food safety inspectors.


Ebro EBI 16 Bowie Dick

Ensuring correct sterilisation of equipment in hospitals, veterinary and dental surgeries is critical to patient care.  Ebro provide a validation kit that logs temperatures at all parts of an autoclave and this EBI 16 -  SL 1520 starter kit is specifically designed for routine checks of steam sterilizers using the industry standard Bowie-Dick data logger that performs in accordance with the norms EN 285 / ISO 17665

SL1110 set

Ebro EBI 100 starter kit

Ensuring proper sterilisation of medical instruments and implements is an essential as part of patient safety.  Ebro offer a number of validation kits suitable for checking the sterilisation processes within medical applications including kits for checking hospital, veterinary, dental autoclaves.  From the basic The EBI 100 starter kit to more sophisticated and specialist kits for endoscopes, bed pans and large sterilisers.


Ebro EBI 11 comprehensive kit

Very flexible data logger system to perform validations for various thermal processes in the DAC Universal and benchtop autoclaves according to ISO 17665 / DIN SPEC 58929 as well as washer disinfectors according to ISO 15883. This reliable system consists of user-friendly mini data loggers that can be placed directly in the processes and a software package for a simple evaluation of the data and an easy creation of test reports.