Ebro TFX 410 precision thermometer

The Ebro TFX 410  thermometer is ideal for all manner of applications within the food processing industry as well as other applications where deep sample penetration is required such as in the Mash Tun of a brewing process or deep within a cooking sauce that requires a critical temperature to be reached.  The instrument has a detachable probe and many different styles of temperature sensor are available making this a most versatile instrument for measuring temperature within a critical process.

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TFX 410 Precision Core Thermometer with fixed Pt 1000 probe

• Clearly arranged large display
• Robust and impact resistant
• High accuracy
• Waterproof
• Replaceable battery
• Battery life apporox. 5 years
• Fixed probe TPX 410, pointed , 60cm silicone cable

Measuring range: -50 °C...+300 °C
Accuracy: ±0,3 °C
Resolution: 0,1 °C

Operating Temperature: -25 °C...+50 °C
Storage temperature -30 °...+70 °C
Sensor: Pt 1000

Cable: silicone cable
Measured variables: temperature

IP Rating: IP 67

Battery: Lithium coin cell 3 V / 1Ah, type CR 2477
Battery lifetime: approx. 5 years

Dimensions: 54x22x109 mm without probe
Weight: approx. 90 g