Ebro FOM 330 Food Oil Meter

Knowing when to change the cooking oil in deep fat fryers is paramount in terms of taste and toxins!  The FOM 330 is a simple tool for testing the quality of cooking oil so that food tastes fresh and is not impaired by the flavours left behind by previous cooking. FOM 330 Food Oil Monitor Set with simple oil type selection.  Supplied complete in a aluminium carry case, this kit is ideal for use in restaurants and as an inspection tool for food safety inspectors.

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Change frying oil at the right time

• change frying oil at the right time
• measures hot oil directly in the fryer
• restaurants / canteens
• no health risks caused by spent oil
• fast, safe on-site measurement
• enables setting of ideal frying point
• exact determination of frying oil quality
• 0 ... 40% polar compounds
• temperature range up to 200 °C
• limit indication by flashing light (red/yellow/green)
• with simple oil type selection with four buttons

Measuring range: +50 °C...200 °C  0%...40%
Accuracy: ± 1 °C  ± 2 %
Resolution: 1 °C 0.5 %

Measured variables: temperature, TPM (total polar materials)

IP Rating: IP 67

Battery: 3 V Lithium
Battery lifetime: up to 3 years

Dimensions: 304 x 54 x 22 mm
Weight: approx. 200 g
Certificate: Factory calibration certificate