Ebro EBI 11 Endoscope datalogger - Professional

ebro Electronic and spypach medical services offers a flexible and reproducible test system for the validation of processes in endoscope washer-disinfectors according to ISO 15883. The pressure and temperature can be monitored with the data logger EBI 11 at exact defi ned positions inside the dummy. Commercial stainless steel test plates can be used for the validation of the cleaning performance. A test contamination according to EN ISO 15883 part 5 is also possible.

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Through the defined positions of the data loggers and the test plates is given highest reproducibility.

Also, all endoscopes on the market can be simulated by using the two six-channel blocks with the optional accessories in a very short time. The system can be used universal and is not depending on machine or endoscope manufacturers.   The reliable test and measurement system contains easy-to-use mini data loggers, which are placed directly on the spypach medical service endoscope surrogate device.

The evaluation software Winlog.validation allows the programming and readout of the ebro EBI 11 data loggers, as well as the reproducible assessment of the temperature and pressure data readings. So it is possible to evaluate the cleaning performance and the pressures and temperatures inside the endoscope.

The Endoscope Set for Validation PROFESSIONAL includes:

3 x Mini temperature data logger EBI 11-T235, needle length = 25 mm

1 x Mini pressure data logger EBI 11-P111

1 x Sealing kit EBI 11-Valiset

1 x EBI IF 300, 4-port interface

1 x Winlog.validation software

1 x spypach endoscope surrogate device " spo-pro" Professional

1 x Aluminum carrying case

Please download the PDF brochure or contact us to discuss your specification and requirements.

Includes Winlog.validation software