Ebro EBI 11 Endoscope datalogger - Basic

Finding a simple and reproducible means of testing correct endoscope washer-disinfector functionality has been a problem which has remained unsolved until now. The corporate developed Routine Control Set by ebro Electronic and spypach medical services now allows reproducible tests to be performed on the cleaning and disinfecting performance of various makes of device.

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The endoscope surrogate device is suitable both for single-channel inspections and for pressure chamber devices. This testing system is modelled on a thermo-labile fl exible gastroscope or bronchoscope and is simply placed into the endoscope washer disinfector which is being tested instead of an endoscope.

The reproducibility results from the possibility of positioning the endoscope, the indicators for cleaning and/or disinfection and the data logger at precisely identical positions in a variety of tests on the same device.

This innovative solution permits simple and rapid routine inspections and simplifi es validation, thus ensuring the utmost patient safety and minimal test costs.

By using the data logger it is possible to measure and evaluate the pressures and temperatures inside the endoscope.

The Endoscope Set for Routine Control BASIC includes:

1 x Mini temperature data logger EBI 11-T235, needle length = 25 mm

1 x Mini pressure data logger EBI 11-P111

1 x Sealing kit EBI 11-Valiset

1 x EBI IF 300, 4-port interface

1 x Winlog.med, software

1 x spypach endoscope surrogate device " spo-pro" Basic

1 x Aluminum carrying case

Please download the PDF brochure or contact us to discuss your specification and requirements.