Ebro EBI 11 comprehensive kit

Very flexible data logger system to perform validations for various thermal processes in the DAC Universal and benchtop autoclaves according to ISO 17665 / DIN SPEC 58929 as well as washer disinfectors according to ISO 15883. This reliable system consists of user-friendly mini data loggers that can be placed directly in the processes and a software package for a simple evaluation of the data and an easy creation of test reports.

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The set contains

2 x EBI 11-T235 Mini Temperature Data Logger, Needle length = 25 mm
2 x EBI 11-T236 Mini Temperature Data Logger, Needle length = 80 mm
EBI 11-T237 Mini Temperature Data Logger, Needle length = 165 mm
EBI 11-P111 Mini Pressure Data Logger
Sealing-kit for DAC
EBI IF 300, 4-port Interface
Winlog.validation, Software
EBI-TAK-ALU, Aluminum carrying case

Please download the PDF brochure or contact us to discuss your specification and requirements.

Includes Winlog.validation Software