Ebro EBI 100 starter kit

Ensuring proper sterilisation of medical instruments and implements is an essential as part of patient safety.  Ebro offer a number of validation kits suitable for checking the sterilisation processes within medical applications including kits for checking hospital, veterinary, dental autoclaves.  From the basic The EBI 100 starter kit to more sophisticated and specialist kits for endoscopes, bed pans and large sterilisers.

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SL 1110 Starter Set for routine controls for temperature and pressure monitoring as well as for A 0 value calculation in steam sterilizers, washer-disinfectors and washer-disinfectors for endoscopes.

For routine controls of washer disinfectors and steam sterilizers. The set contains:

1 x EBI 100-TP231 pressure/temperature logger

1 x PHX 800 pH tester

1 x TDS 3 Conductivity tester

1 x Silicone protection box AL 101

1 x EBI IF 150 interface

1 x Winlog.med software

1 x Aluminium carrying case

Please download the PDF brochure or contact us to discuss your specification and requirements.

Includes Winlog.med software