SI Analytics BlueLine Electrodes

The most popular series of laboratory electrodes manufactured by SI Analytics in Mainz, Germany is the BlueLine.  Compact, easy to use, and compatible with not only our own but most types of laboratory meter, BlueLine offers a viable alternative no matter what application style of electrode is required.

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The BlueLine series includes robust general purpose electrodes with gel electrolyte and plastic shaft, liquid-electrolyte sensors for more critical measurements and special sensors. The special electrodes range includes pH electrode for surface measurements, small sample volumes, ultrapure water and emulsions; even for measurements in semi-solid samples such as cheese or frozen items.

  • Application specific electrodes
  • Gel or liquid electrolyte
  • Liquid electrolyte versions with unique platinum junction and refill port
  • Special sensors with universal membrane glass
  • Complete range of connecting plugs (DIN, BNC, S, N, E, etc.)
  • Unique serial no. for audit trail

To find out more about all electrodes and meters manufactured by SI Analytics, request our 120-page Electrodes & Meters catalogue
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