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With population growth causing an ever increasing demand for food, Aquaculture represents one of the UK's most important and fastest growing industries. To aid farmers, Xylem manufacture instrumentation to assist with everything from smolt production through to Sea Cage, with our instrumentation proven and trusted by farmers around the globe.

Xylem's process control instrumentation allows for the real-time monitoring of inlet and effluent waters, as well as providing real-time monitoring of hatchery tanks or RAS systems for everything from dissolved oxygen to ammonia to protect your farm's assets.

Our range of handheld instrumentation with single and multi-parameter options from YSI, a Xylem brand, gives customers the chance to spot check and verify site conditions. There are many sensors available, including: Dissolved Oxygen, PH, Temperature, Salinity, and Total-algae, YSI instrumentation is trusted around the world to monitor and protect aquaculture sites.

Aanderaa current meters have been the industry standard for environmental impact assessments (EIA) for over 50 years, and the latest SeaGuard II Doppler Current Profiler is a valued piece of equipment used by farmers to evaluate new sites and set up cages with confidence.

Once the cage is set up, Xylem are able to design and provide lateral & cardinal mark buoys as well as lanterns to safely mark your farm. Want to really protect your assets? Xylem's range of aids to navigation can be upgraded to incorporate real-time water quality and current monitoring, meaning your stocks are protected from the environment as well as passing vessels.

Xylem works in harmony with you to better understand your specific application. With our market leading instrumentation and our team of knowledgeable experts, we will endeavour to make your job easier.

  • Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA)
  • Handheld Water Quality
  • Real-time Continuous Monitoring
  • Laboratory

Aanderaa SeaGuard II DCP

The brand new acoustic profiler joining the SeaGuard family. It features innovative development of the acoustic profiling capacity and an exceptional ability to collect high quality current information on moving and tilting moorings. Available as a self-recording instrument, it also integrates unique real time features to meet your application needs.


Aanderaa SeaGuard RCM

The single-point SEAGUARD® RCM series is a completely new generation of current meters based on the SEAGUARD® datalogger platform and the ZPulse® multi-frequency Doppler Current Sensor (DCS). SEAGUARD® Products are based on modern technology and are the basic modules of our underwater observatory. They may be used as a multi-parameter instrument in the sea and in freshwater and feature a modular plug-and-play architecture.

Aanderaa Oxygen Optode

Aanderaa Oxygen Optodes

The Oxygen optode is designed to measure absolute oxygen concentration and % saturation. The optode can be used from streams to deep sea, from fish farms to waste water and from polar ice areas to hydrothermal vents. The lifetime-based luminescence quenching principle offers the following benefits


Aanderaa Wave & Tide Sensor

Aanderaa Wave and Tide Sensors are compact fully integrated sensor for measuring the wave and tide conditions designed to be mounted on the Aanderaa multiparameter SeaGuard Platform or via cable connected to SmartGuard datalogger.


Aanderaa Pressure Sensor

Aanderaa pressure sensors are compact, intelligent pressure sensors designed for use on Aanderaa Data Instruments dataloggers as well as in other measuring systems.


YSI ProDSS - Digital Sampling System

The YSI ProDSS - Digital Sampling System - is the ultimate water quality field instrument for sampling and profiling. With the ProDSS, we have answered our customer's demands to produce a truly rugged, reliable and smart multiparameter handheld instrument.


YSI Pro10 pH / ORP Meter

The Pro10 provides everything you need in a handheld meter that measures temperature along with either pH or ORP (redox). Rugged, simple and reliable. Measure pH or ORP, and temperature.


YSI Pro20 Dissolved Oxygen Meter

The Pro20 provides everything you need in a handheld dissolved oxygen meter. Ruggedness, simplicity and reliability are the cornerstones of the instrument's design.


YSI Pro30 Conductivity, Salinity Meter

The Pro30 provides everything you need in a handheld meter that measures salinity, conductivity, specific conductance, total dissolved solids, and temperature. Rugged, simple and reliable.


ProSolo Digital Water Quality Meter

The ProSolo Handheld is designed for use with single probe/cable assemblies such as the ODO/T, ODO/CT, and more.

Instrument Only.  Cables, probes/sensors, and accessories sold separately. Not compatible with ProDSS 4-Port cables.

For 8 reasons to upgrade from the ProODO then look no further than YSI's guide to ProSOLO. Click here to find out more.


MOTUS Wave Sensor 5729

The Aanderaa MOTUS wave direction sensor is a revolutionary new solution for monitoring wave direction from a surface buoy or ODAS. Designed for integration with the YSI EMM2.0 or Tideland SB 138P buoy platforms, the MOTUS processes wave data in real time with data viewable online in the Aanderaa GeoView platform, so you can catch changes in wave direction as they occur. With its high accuracy sensor (<2° wave direction), and ability to integrate with Xylem’s other monitoring sensors, the MOTUS is the perfect solution for commercial and research monitoring projects

SeaGuard String

SeaGuard String System

The Aanderaa SEAGUARD® String System is a complete and flexible subsea observatory, for measurements of e.g. dissolved oxygen, conductivity, temperature, current, pressure and tide.

YSI EXO2 multiparamter water quality instrument

YSI EXO2 Multiparameter Sonde

The EXO advanced water quality monitoring platform includes the versatile multiparameter EXO2 sonde for oceanographic, estuarine, or surface water applications. Collect data to 250m with the advanced EXO2 sonde – contains six replaceable 'smart' sensors and a central wiper to clean biofouling.


EM1250 Buoy

Flexible buoy platform to support a wide array of water quality instrumentation and other systems. Ideal for lakes, rivers, reservoirs, and near coastal applications. The EM1250 Buoy is easy to handle and can be deployed from most small vessels.


YSI EMM2.0 - Coastal Buoy

The YSI EMM2.0 Coastal buoy is a highly versatile buoy platform, with a proven track record of long term deployments across the globe .This highly stable platform can be easily customised for deployment with any of Xylem’s market leading sensors, as well as a range of 3rd party Hydrocarbon sensors, wet-chemistry nutrient analysers and much more. With integrated satellite, line-of-sight radio or cellular telemetry options, the EMM2.0 is the perfect platform on which to build your monitoring solution.
The EMM2.0 is now available with the Aanderaa MOTUS Directional wave sensor – offering high accuracy wave direction measurements with real time data visualisation


YSI EXO1 Multiparameter Sonde

Capturing accurate data in fresh water, ground water and marine aquatic environments is easy with . The versatile multiparameter EXO1 sonde is ideal for estuarine, surface water, or ground water applications.

Instrument Only. Cables, probes/sensors, and accessories sold separately - please see the "Accessories" tab for details.

Aanderaa DCPS 5400 Doppler Current Sensor

Aanderaa Current Sensor

The Aanderaa Doppler Current Sensor (DCS) is a rugged, true vector averaging sensor for measuring current speed and direction in the sea. The sensor has built-in compass and tilt sensor and may also output sea temperature. 

EXO 3 multiparameter sonde

YSI EXO3 Multiparameter Sonde

Offering the greatest value of any sonde available in the market, EXO3 combines the maneuverability of EXO1 with the powerful antifouling wiper of the EXO2. EXO3 is a purpose-built sonde for monitoring major water quality parameters, including: pH, conductivity, temperature, turbidity and dissolved oxygen.

Alt: WTW photoLab® 7600 UV-VIS

WTW photoLab® 7000 Series Spectrophotometer

The photoLab® 7000 series of spectrophotometers combine latest optical technology with digital processing to provide users with an efficient and effective means of gathering spectrophotometric data in chemical, pharmaceutical, food, beverage and especially environmental applications.   Special software features include up to 200 industry standard scales/methods and the unique OptRF feature for determining nitrate and nitrate without the need for reagents. Additionally, photoLab Data software expands its capability by displaying results in industry standard color scales including CIE, EBC, ASTM, ICUMSA and so on.

ebi 300 temperature logger

Ebro EBI 300 Temperature Data Logger with USB-Connection

The easy to use data loggers with USB connection monitor the temperature and/or humidity during transport and storage of sensitive goods like medicine, food, serums etc. The EBI 300 and EBI 310 USB data loggers are suitable for multi-use, the EBI 330 USB data loggers are single-use versions which can be ordered pre-configured and are used especially when returning a more expensive multi-use data logger to the sender after a shipment is difficult. A range of disposable data loggers is also available from our online shop.  

WTW inoLab® Multi 9430 IDS

WTW inoLab® Laboratory Multi-parameter Benchtop Meters

Application oriented benchtop sets for multiple parameter monitoring: pH, mV, ISE, saturation, concentration, partial pressure, conductivity, special resistance, salinity, TDS, temperature

Cutting edge technology from WTW for demanding laboratory applications. Two digital inoLab® multi-parameter instruments for IDS sensors for parallel measuring of one identical or varying parameters. Up to three sensors (inoLab® Multi 9430 IDS) can be connected. A large glass shield protects the graphic display and supports the presentation of the measuring values and recognition of important information. The innovative and antibacterial keypad helps to protect against microbiological contamination. The solid zinc die-casting lower case gives the meters a safe standing and also protection from the environment. As a special feature, both models can be upgraded with an additional module for conventional pH measurement.

TitroLine® 7500 KF

SI Analytics TitroLine® 7500 KF Titrator

Beside the features which are mentioned in the general part of the titration family, the TitroLine® 7500 KF offers more performance and is the volumetric generalist for a wide range of use.