AB-560 Audiobeam® Fog Signal

AB-560 Audiobeam® is an electronically powered fog signal that automatically broadcasts a 360° beam of sound to a preselected code audible for 2NM. It is United States Coast Guard approved, complies with all IALA recommendations and is UL listed as suitable for use in Class I, Division 2, Group C and D hazardous locations. The AB-560 is engineered for unattended operation.

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USCG approved and a world leading industry standard

  • ECU-645-A, Tideland Signal’s patented solid-state power amplifier
  • OMNIBUS® circuitry allows two or more fog signals to be synchronised
  • Off-time current is less than 30 milliamperes
  • Five Tideland Signal TDA-375 precision, heavy-duty driver units
  • Drivers are engineered for efficiency and long life, operating at only 10% of rated capacity
  • Structure is hot-dipped galvanised steel
  • Patented solid-state dissipationless power regulator automatically provides the required power to the array of driver-emitters
  • Mounting options: base down or suspended from top
  • Full monitor and control access
Range 2NM (per 33 CFR 67.10 and usual range recommended by IALA)
Input Voltage 10 - 15VDC
Current @ 12VDC 7.85 amperes during blast; 30 milliamperes quiescent
Output Frequency 645Hz
SPL 133.2dB @ 1 metre
Coding 2 sec ON, 18 sec OFF, standard setting or Morse code letter ‘U’, 256 field-selectable codes available
Weights and Measurements Standalone 168.6kg (375lb)
Shipping 208.6kg (460lb)
Volume 1.92m3 (68 cu ft)