Aanderaa Wind Direction Sensor

A sensor for measuring average wind direction in a sampling interval. It is designed to be used with Aanderaa Sensor Scanning Units, Data loggers or display units.

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This sensor consists of a light wind vane pivoted on top of a housing. Inside the housing a compass is magnetically coupled to the vane.

The wind direction sensor can be mounted directly on the Sensor Arm of the Automatic Weather Station 2700 or Road Weather station 4030. It may also be mounted on different types of sensor brackets from Aanderaa Instruments and on a 25mm O.D. vertical aluminum tube. When installed on brackets or tubes, the sensor must then be connected to the Sensor Scanning or Display Unit by a separate cable.

Range 0 to 360 degrees Magnetic
Threshold Speed Less than 0.3m/s
Accuracy Better than ±5 degrees Magnetic
Output Signal Aanderaa SR10
Damping Ratio 0.7
Operating Temperature -40 to +65°C
Current Consumption 200μA
Operating Voltage 7 to 14VDC
Electrical Connection Directly plug-on to Sensor Arm or by Sensor Cable 2842
Mounting  Directly on AWS 2700 and RWS 4030 Sensor Arm, Brackets 2808, 3494 and 2988 or on a vertical 25mm O.D. tube.
Material Housing Aluminum 6061T6, anodized 10- 15μ. Stainless steel
Weight 620 grams
Packing Cardboard box: 385x290x235 mm
Gross Weight 1.2 kg (add 0.7kg for Sensor Cable 2842)
Warranty Two years against faulty materials and workmanship